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OGF Population Race Thread II almost 2 years ago

As many others have asked, I might as well. Would you mind adding Svækeyja, in southern Svækeyja? The population is currently just over 1 million, and has risen at a slowing rate, starting at about 5% yearly and ending at about 2% yearly (though the slowing has stopped and the rate has stopped decreasing by this point)

OGFIFA World Cup 2018 over 2 years ago


Yes, I like the idea of this kind of World Cup tournament event (though it should only really be participated in by countries that are already both active on the wiki and OGF site, instead of distracting attention)

My country is not a good location for this kind of event. Aukkomaa may be somewhat rich and rather well located, but it is not the ideal location. (partly because I’m planning to move, among other things) I’d suggest one of the developed Ulethan countries or FSA.

The problem with these sorts of events is that, like I stated earlier, they tend to distract the attention of the mappers from mapping.

Spaceport Of Commonia Finished Construction over 2 years ago

Yeah hi, Nice to see another new user trying to think of a ground-breaking idea. Problem is that: 1) Commonia, of all nations, would not be the one to go into space. Remember Commonia is a “nation” with a corrupt government that has little control over anything that happens, and nowhere would have the money or the ability to research. 2) This “spaceport” is very unrealistic. Maybe this could be changed into the former site of a space flight attempt from sometime before Commonia’s collapse, or something similar? 3) The problem with attempting to do this kind of thing is that this opens the board to a lot of new mappers such as yourself trying to claim regions in space. Power and conquest is not the intention of OGF’s presence - if it were, OGF would not have lasted up to this day.

Thank you for reading, and I’m happy you’re inspired somewhat by the other mappers but try to keep mapping realistic. (Anything goes in Commonia, eh?)

Feedback on the Beginnings of a Cultural Collision Zone over 2 years ago

I do like the idea of this, though due to the fact that the cultures of the OGF world are variant, rather sporadic and random and change regularly this is rather hard to achieve and keep. It also requires commitment to staying in your own territory (to which I can hardly say, for example, that I comply with). It’d also be quite hard to achieve, with IRL examples of this difficulty being Alsace-Lorraine which is entirely mapped in French, despite a fairly significant German presence there, due to it being owned by France.

entry that should not exist almost 3 years ago

A few points:

  • Commonia is a much more popular blue country. There are several people who lurk around that area and clean up and help people in your case, but Midistland is more looked over.
  • Most people that are able to help you are busy with their own mapping in their own territory.
  • Most people will also give you the reason not to help you (which is a very good one) - You’ll probably leave it within a week or two.
What is the longest place name in OGF world? almost 3 years ago

I made one in the forests next to Wembury that could be about the same length as TCC’s above.

Building an elite boarding school almost 3 years ago

Nice, but the roads that serve the school only aren’t the correct classification. And the school should be somewhat separated from the village.

Is this going to be the OGF equivalent of the Gotthard Tunnel? almost 3 years ago

A detour would be much cheaper, plus it would create less environmental damage. If you start boreholing and making giant tunnels then it’d also create massive delays. A tunnel of that length would take years to complete.

Is this going to be the OGF equivalent of the Gotthard Tunnel? almost 3 years ago

Hi - I rather disagree with the idea of a tunnel of this length. This would be a project on the same scale as the Channel Tunnel in the UK/France - extremely expensive, yet nowhere near the same amount of people would use it! If these two places are disconnected by water then create a water taxi / ferry line to and from these two places.

Will the 'continent' in the west (where you can't edit) ever be editable? about 3 years ago

iiEarth is correct, the boundaries and land-masses are still being edited. I think it’ll be a couple to several months until they become open for edit.

Island Keeps Disappearing about 3 years ago

They all ARE real English towns. Wolverhampton is in Birmingham and Eastbourne is on the South Coast.

My first city over 3 years ago

Wow! Very good, especially considering you’re a beginner. I’d say that, as said before, the motorway isn’t especially necessary, and the buildings could be considered a little too large, but it’s really good.

North Valenburg over 3 years ago

Hmm - (sorry for this being quite late feedback, but oh well), okay.

  • There appears to be a few classification problems and issues. Why is there a secondary road running parallel to a primary road, less than 50m away - for example - when they should be different carriageways of the same road?

  • The roads look zig-zagged and rushed. Look at real-life towns, and compare them to yours to get a general style for future usage.

  • The railways are unusably curvy. Make sure they are fairly straight - and then locate their stops. :D

  • It - as stated before - appears to be right in the middle of the Andaruby Rainforest. I’d suggest, for your next town, moving to blank space.

Much better than my starting town (I’ve said this too much), so well done, though!

Thank You! over 3 years ago

No, I am fairly new, to be honest. Though being called a newbie was kind of a bit harsh.

I wish over 3 years ago

Everybody agrees with you - yet there is a case for the seemingly massive trainwreck. We were all once beginners. At least 90% of us had little to no experience with mapping, or not with this kind of software, therefore needed somewhere to practise and get the hang of it. Without places like Commonia, we’d be just as bad as we were when we joined, despite afterwards us looking back at it and thinking “What on earth happened here?”. There are more organised blue territories (Rhododactylia stands out as one, most smaller ones are) elsewhere, too, as well as the new United States of Archanta / AR120.

Thank You! over 3 years ago

Any time, Earth. And, @magnesium - Yeah, though you do seem to ignore quite a lot of me and TCC’s help… @TCC - Yep, not just one town - all o’ em.

Suggestions over 3 years ago

Because of the fact that it’s a month old and most the comments that people have posted on here are pointless.

Suggestions over 3 years ago

Okay, please can we stop commenting on here?

First over 3 years ago

Nice, only thing I found was that the classifications were a bit out. I had the same problem, just remember that: Living - unimportant, residential street Residential - normal sized road Tertiary - connects smaller towns/villages, or smaller main street Secondary - connects larger towns/cities, or main street for a large town. Primary - connects cities over long distances Trunk - similar to primary Motorway - connects whole areas together

Upgrading Klausburg over 3 years ago

Very nice! I’d consider making the bulk of the central city before shaping your ring roads, it often leads to the confining of the city unless it connects settlements, not fences them in. It seems nice, the railway seems to be coming on twofold.