I need a break.

Posted by AnimationSky on 26 November 2021 in English (English).

Hello all,

I just wanted to inform you that I need to take a short hiatus from OGF. Times have been really rough around here and I can’t do this regularly anymore. I don’t feel comfortable sharing most of the details, and the story is still developing, but we’re having legal issues right now inside my family, and that along with school has put me under high stress. I don’t know when this will end, but I just know that I need some time and space from everything. I may still be available to contact for the time being, but don’t count on it.

Best Regards, -Sky

Comment from ADB52 on 27 November 2021 at 21:52

Hope it all works out for the best for all involved. See you when we do.

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