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Starting Geofiction

Posted by Arbhin on 21 June 2022 in English (English). Last updated on 22 June 2022.


After proper introduction by a friend, I started creating my first map: on the Begi island, a Mountain. The Mountain was the base of some elses rivier. Soon I moved to a fresh place, with new ideas of where and how to start. The fishermans village was born: Iasc Cuna.


Now I have even further ideas: start with the globals: basic land, basic history and basic roads. Every part of the grand map its own topic, villages and roads. So here is the main question: Where is the real beginning?


I would like to know how others create their map. And how do you come to ideas for any part of your lay-out?

Location: Nergena, Boxtel, North Brabant, Netherlands, 5282 HK, Netherlands