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This account is (fortunately) dead since April 2020.

Dear reader, if you find this page, I would like to warn you about threats of this community. I couldn't maintain being part of this toxic community led by f├╝hrers Stjur and Eklas being rude and bullying everyone, building all this community for themselves. Being in this toxic area was very stressfull and anxious. As of this, I decided to leave as soon as possible before getting any sort of mental illness.

If you have not been in any sort of contact with Stjur or Eklas, be glad and avoid it for all cost!

If you also have been confronted by Stjur or Eklas, please don't take them too seriously. It might make you cry alot, because their rudeness is unmeasurable, but I advice; after it happens once, leave. It's the only way for your safety.

If Stjur or Eklas start bullying you, leave everything and leave this ASAP. If you are at OGF, they might critise all of your work and make you feel so anxious and hopeless, but if you leave this community, they won't reach you anymore. Make another e-mail, switch to it on OGF and then delete the new e-mail to not get notifications, change your password to random smack of characters, log out, download BlockSite extension for your browser and block this page for good.

Here is my story for you. I went to OGf to start mapping, as everyone did. Everything went well before the first attack of Stjur/Eklas occured. They have been rude, insulting and deriding me, even though I didn't do nothing to provocate them, they just went eating on me like vultures. Similar things happened multiple times during my time on OGF; they just went on bullying me and being rude and pure evil. I made one big mistake; I tried to join Facebook group on OGF; they didn't accept it, but they gained access for all of my personal data, which they have misused and exposed my real name and town, where I live, into the public. This is act of pure hyenism, and shouldn't be evaded without hard punishment, which it unfortunately did.

I definitely left OGF in April 2020, and I regret I didn't do that sooner. Precious days of my life have been wasted. I'm never ever going back in this toxic area. The past is in the past.