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Diplomatic relations with the FSA over 2 years ago

Some users needs to read the tips in this article. mainly about the size of the buildings, and not only to include their own countries in the list.

I'm planning on making a japanese style country over 2 years ago

Yes, it is true about asian-styled countries in Orano, but still there are not prevision when Orano and the other new continents will be open to edit.

Weekly World #13 about 4 years ago

@Luciano: There was/ there is a collaborative project about a “problematic” country, Suvuma, but Isleño did not decide the rules yet. Maybe Suvuma could be a good new place to Irhoborin.

My Goytakanya is another problematic one, exactly because Suvuma, but there are not place to refugee camps here because Goytakanya is just the placv where the people wants to go out, hehe…

Anyway, my vote is yours!

Weekly World #13 about 4 years ago

Good to know news about you, my friend!

There is a supervisor here in the oli rig who lives in Houston, like you, and he told me the city is under water, but his house was not damaged.

Well, I liek very much the example given by Leowezy. Interesting so much! The only thing I could share would be a shipwreck in Rocas, a distant island in Cariocas, but I did not created or even think about details like number of victims, when it happens, etc. Anyway, I know I was not the first one to map a shipwrekc in OGF - there is at least one in Onnutu, and a flooded fort in Carispoole.

(if this message was posted twice, sorry, because I wrote before but it did not show after save)

Mapper's Challenge #13 - September 2017 - Showing Culture about 4 years ago

Spetacular idea! But sadly I think I will not participate this month, because I am so much focused about finishing Cata Vento, near Barra da Grama… Sorry!

Infowindow? about 4 years ago

If I am not saying wrong, it is possible only in a multimap. Examples?

I know there is a way to include more information, at least in the two last examples, but I dont remember how to do it. Luciano can remember, he tell me a lot of time ago, hehehe.

Planorian Enclave Citiy over 4 years ago

@Stjur: Run, baby, run! hehehe

Collection of inspiring examples? over 4 years ago

Haha, what a coincidence, I was thinking the same thing last night! About creating a list with all the most detailed and inspired examples to me…

Thank you about including Barra da Grama in your top list, hehehe ;-)

PS: Some places I am always looking and got inspiration to me, maybe would deserve some links in your list (I did not see anyone right now), are Tárrases and Broceliande

Weekly Word #4 over 4 years ago

Hey, I LOVE this word, hehehe

Maybe, a good thing to this weekly challenge would be detailed bus depot or terminals. I am always looking for creating the most detailed ones as possible (because I love buses, hehehe). But I can not do any comparation between my buses depots/terminals/routes/etc and the Isleño creation, hahaha

Abraços a todos!

Bruno Moreira

Weekly Word #2 over 4 years ago

Well, I see this week I will have not so much time to edit as I was thinking, but about the challenge, really I try to detail a wind farm, located in a town its name is exactly… Cata Vento. The town got its name exactly because the airport and the wind farm, hehehe.

I dont know the correct word to translate “catavento”, but if you try a Google Images, the result is exactly this.

Weekly Word #2 over 4 years ago

Oops! To the word AIR, surely I can create something, hehehe!!!

Naming streets over 4 years ago

Recently I was needing the same thing, hehehe.

Because of this there are the streets Ivan Sacinski, Falco van Leeuwhoven, Homero Ibid, etc, in Barra da Grama oldest part.

Feedback for Velasco, Las Islas Serenas over 4 years ago

Hey, waht a spetacular and detailed country! As MrOobling said, I also would never say it is a work of a new user!

The only thing I say to you: The ferry routes doest not need so much curves…

Bruno Moreira

Hello there ! over 4 years ago

Hi, Marcello!

I would say you to look for some OGF-related-places-to-real-places, hehehe

If you want something spanish, try naming places as Castellan

If you want something italian, try naming places as Darcodia, Ispelia, etc

I think this way we cant forget this problem, hehehe

And… Welcome!!! hehehe

Bruno Moreira

Coping with Glastian irrelevancy over 4 years ago

Hey, Yuanls! I like your map-style!

About to be irrelevant… well, why some of my (five) countries would be relevant to other users? Maybe, the only one who got some interest was Goytakanya, exactly the poorest of them, hehehe

Back? over 4 years ago

Hi, my friend Rasmus! Welcome back! I also was a long time away to OGF, because a marriage/ I was fired from my old work/ I got a new job/ etc etc etc, hehehe

Best regards!

Bruno Moreira

Photos for OGF Wiki over 4 years ago

Hey, what a interesting topic here!!

These days I was just thinking the same: I take some photos in Rio de Janeiro because the oil rig I work is dry docking right in front of the city, in Niterói, other side of Baía de Guanabara, and maybe some pics would have some use in OGF.

My idea (to me) is creating a sandbox page with all the pics I upload, including that ones I consider “good ones” but I did not use in any article - or did not use yet, hehe. I will not flood OGF with thousands of pictures, but it can be usefull to other users too.

Welstand-Westrijk rebuilt over 4 years ago

Hey, I love Kirchenburg!

I would like to exchange embassies too! But obviously, I imagine you will not want to create four or five embassies to me in Kirchenburg, hehe. I think we can have diplomatic relations between W-W and Belgravia and Brasonia. What to you say?

Best regards!

Bruno Moreira

Criticism about Patriot City - Don't Hold Back! over 4 years ago

Hey, what a beatiful map!!!

I have not so much to say, because I am not a specialist in american style cities, hehehe, but it looks like a real city, and it is very good!

I cant wait to see when it is complete with all its metropolitan area!!!


Bruno Moreira

Welcome to Barra da Grama, Brasonia over 4 years ago

@zhenkang: Yes, there is one, but I still need to Increase it. About your embassy, it will be in Campo Verde, but you should follow as said in the brasonian part of the OGF:Embassies rules

@Kazuya: Yes, as Ilha da Gigóia, my inspiration in real world.

@Thunderbird: Thank you!