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Mapping challenge - Part 2 about 1 year ago

I've been working on several areas of Castilea Archantea:

Cuerno de las Lluvias

El Coroig

Morrón Tosco

Sierra Murviedra

I hope you like them and find these areas a nice place to live in. Happy mapping and keep safe!

Natural mapping challenge about 1 year ago

Some samples:

Cañón del Río Murviedro

Paraje de los Saltos

Faro de Artena

Aiguarroya y Sensebre

Aguaderas del Valle

El Cuerno de las Lluvias

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

Great! But Castilea Archantea is missing...

A week ago, i joined and i started making these two small islands. almost 2 years ago

Also, if you want to make more realistic buildings you could press "S" while selecting that building in order to square its shape when using iD. Otherwise, great work!

Introducing Seniqe almost 2 years ago


Realistic Mapping over 2 years ago

Great comment @stjur

Why are the country requests taking Forever? over 2 years ago

Working together in a collaborative territory undoubtely leads to an improvement of mapping skills, a lower temporary mappers / total mappers ratio and increases knowledge about other countries of the OGF world before starting a new fictional nation. As in real life, a good starting point is to learn and then apply your new mapping skills to your own work... when you have reach that goal. As we said in Castilea Archantea: "Primer caminar i després còrrer" (first walking and then running).

Mapper's Challenge #27 — January 2019 — New Year, New Skills… over 2 years ago

Thank you @Alessa. I created wood areas two years ago and that seemed correct so far, but in the last weeks I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with such terrain. I think that I've improved a lot my mapping skills by the last months and, now, my objective is to better define small territories and fine detailing each of them. That working structure fronts the mental picture I previously had with my recent conceptual evolution. Hence, I will change all these terrains and better define existing geological features reaching a very high resolution by the next couple of months. I'll try to finish the Edetanea Cape, Edeta Valley and the Spadanea and Peñas Royas mountain range before starting another regions inside Castilea Archantea. I hope you love Castilea Archantea. Suggestions are wellcome! Happy mapping!

No time for OGF: What "future" for my countries? over 2 years ago

As father and pediatrician I can only agree with your "family first" decission. For me, Tarott was a main source of inspiration and the first place I explored after discovering OGF. I think that you should choose option 6 because I cannot imagine the OGF world without Kalm. Kind regards. Te deseo lo mejor desde Castilea Archantea. Et desitge el millor desde Castilea Archantea.

Mapper's Challenge #27 — January 2019 — New Year, New Skills… over 2 years ago

I've just finished the area of Vaguadas. I hope you like it. Happy mapping!

What's up with UL141? over 2 years ago

Creating natural features limiting with other countries is always a hard question. It depends on the owner or future owner of the country sharing boundaries with yours. However, I personally think that new owners shall ask you before developing that regions. That seems logical. Happy mapping!

Mapper's Challenge #27 — January 2019 — New Year, New Skills… over 2 years ago

This area is one of my favourite places I've created in Castilea Archantea so far: Alrededores del Cañón del Río Murviedro. Although the work is not finished, by the last days it has got the shape I was keeping in mind when I came to OGF 3 years ago... . Thank you @Alessa for your impressive work and challenges!

Bona nit a tothom. Buenas noches a todos. Happy mapping!

Mythology reflected in mapping over 2 years ago

I'm totally sure that not only mythos but also other cultural aspects such as territorial conflicts between different civilizations are a key point of the mapping. I've always followed this way when mapping Castilea Archantea and that helps me to keep working and fine detailing my maps. Thank you for share your work!

Merry Christmas! over 2 years ago

¡Feliz Navidad a todos! Bon Nadal a tothom! Merry Christmas from Castilea Archantea!

Terrible Maps! over 2 years ago


Great advice to great mapping! almost 3 years ago

Always be logical: first step is creating geographical features, second step thinking about where people decided to settle in the past according to natural resources and geopolitical issues, third step is developing the ancient cities and towns, 4th step is linking them with ways, 5th step is evolve the urban areas according to the particular history of your countries and 6th step is evolve the ways to roads depending on economical basis. Each step includes two levels: gross detailing and fine detailing.

Zoology almost 3 years ago

Thank you! Also It would be great to know about the characteristic natural features of your countries.

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) almost 3 years ago

I think that you should learn how to improve your skills detailing small areas keeping in mind the global project you've created. Increasing the amount of small areas you'll reach the objective. You should use the relationship between lines to develop big functional structures such as natural parks. Because I work some nights at the hospital, I work with ID.

What would an OGF Pangea look like? almost 3 years ago

Plate tectonics has been a recurrent subject of the OGF diaries and wiki so far. Interesting but so complex than it should be considered when the OGF assignation of countries would be more developed. However adding tour purpose to the discussion page on the wiki or at the forum is up to you.

Five Years of OGF almost 3 years ago

Tempus fugit! I've been two years mapping Castilea Archantea so far! 😁