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Embassy exchange 7 days ago

Castilea Archantea would love to have an embassy in your city. Please, also feel free yo build your embassy here:

¡Bienvenidos a Castilea Archantea! ¡Disfrutad de Edetanea, Perla del Mar Blanco! Benvinguts a Castilea Archantea! Gaudiu d'Edetanea, tresor del Mar Blanc!

Stereotypes of Your Country about 1 month ago

Castilea Archantea: everyone is religious (catajarism), loves mountains and forests and night sky.

Mapper's Challenge #20 — May 2018 — It's All in the Details 3 months ago
What's This? 3 months ago

Follow the yellow brick road.... ;-)

Mapper's Challenge #19 — April 2018 — Water, Water, Everywhere 4 months ago

Thank you for your advise! Of course, all this area is actually under construction and I'll reflect all these details in the next two months. I'm happy with the evolution of the cities and towns along the Edeta River :-P It would be interesting to include some features such as enterprises, markets, restaurants, and so on... related with other countries. Happy mapping!

Mapper's Challenge #19 — April 2018 — Water, Water, Everywhere 4 months ago

Some new features on the Edeta River:

Mapper's Challenge #19 — April 2018 — Water, Water, Everywhere 4 months ago

The Edeta River:

Hello, everyone! 5 months ago

Bienvenido a OGF! Kind regards from Castilea Archantea.

Edetanea Fire Festival 6 months ago

Thank you very much! It will be a great challenge! ;-)

Finding my groove... 6 months ago

Look at this place:

Valle del Río Murviedro (

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 8 months ago

Feliz Navidad! (Spanish). Bon Nadal! (Valenciano).

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 9 months ago

Use a logical approach: why are those cities and towns at the actual places? Obviously there are geographical reasons, mainly because of the natural resources and the geopolitical environment. Thus, the first point is yo create the natural structure of the country. After that, create the towns and think about the best place for the main city. Connect the places with roads and railways thinking about the ancient connections and their evolution. And... Voilà! You've got the best starting point for a good job. After that you must develop the elements and fine details..

Map of the languages of the World 9 months ago

Although incomplete, I think it is a good idea. Creating links between countries and cultures and bring information to all of us might give us new ideas and bring some new projects to life.

A creation myth 9 months ago

Please, consider to include the Kitani Reef on the Edetanea Convention on Wetlands. Thank you!

Aangland - Any ideas/help? 10 months ago

@Marcello, I don't think that being in the tropics would be equal to poverty. Maybe in the real world, but not in OGF if you consider a different history. Although also located in the tropics, for example, Castilea Archantea is a well developed democratic country with wide economical sources and a very wide climate range due to its northern and central mountain ranges. So, geographical features are the most important to define at first time, in order to develop a historical background and construct the modern situation. Tropical is not equal to poverty at all.

Any Amateur Astronomers around here? 12 months ago

Hello from Castilea Archantea!

Weekly Word #12 12 months ago



That's great!

Weekly Word #11 12 months ago

Here is a contribution from Castilea Archantea ...

"Centro de Interpretación de la Fauna Acuícola del Río Edeta" AND "Instituto de Acuicultura de Los Mardos"

new country about 1 year ago

Welcome! Feel free to link your country with Castilea Archantea, in front of you. Perhaps some history could be related? I'm sure that Caladea and Wallea love this possible relationship inside our Archantean Union. For the history of the region maybe Cordinea is a good name in Edetanese :-P

Happy mapping!

Cycling provision in OGF cities about 1 year ago

Climate change exists just as the Earth moves around the Sun. Since it is a scientifically proven fact, everything else is personal opinion that has no place today. Anyway, do not bring populism to OGF. I do not think it's an issue to keep talking about. Those of us who want to create a better world in OGF and try ideas have a right to do so. Similarly, those who believe that the present economy is above natural rights and the future of our children also have the right to maintain their ideas. Given that this debate is not going to convince each other and that, fortunately, those of us who believe in climate change are the majority in the real world, I think that it should be closed already and dedicate ourselves to mapping, which is, after all, the Purpose of OGF.