Mapper since: November 26, 2013

TA013c is my new country. It’s still unnamed, unfortunately. Thinking of possibly relocating/ or restructuring my edits from Rogolnika (Archanta) to my new territory…

  • It has a Latin American culture (specifically in Central America). Religion is predominantly Ortolic (RW-Catholic), with native belief systems in the western parts of the country.

  • Castellanese is the lingua franca (bridge language) throughout the country. Meanwhile, the native areas have their own local languages (conlang).

  • More forests, groves, and wooded areas are situated in the north and south. The central area (East and North of Lago Tárumar) is composed of wide plains and grasslands.

  • The Southwestern area (near Tarephia Equatorial) is mountainous and also forested. Coastal areas are hilly and flat.

  • Only the seaside settlements are very wealthy

  • Towns in the central, southern, and western areas are much poorer

  • Motorways can be built, but only for wealthier areas along the coastline.

  • Government: Presidential Republic; TBD Provinces, 3 Territories, and 1 Capital Territory