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Entry 001: Might as well start using these about 1 hour ago

There are a few I would like to see rendered; OSM has tags for fell and tundra, but the wiki pages for those seem to suggest a combination of scrub/heath/scree/grassland be used over as they may be vague and don't seem to render. For farming, there is also the farmyard tag, but that mainly covers farm house(s), barns, stables, not the actually cultivated land. As for rivers, you can try shingle, that's a little more specific to rounded rocks found in riverbeds and along rivers, but again it may only render on the regular map style.

Mapping challenge - Part 2 2 months ago

I worked on Santa Elena Volcanic Park, adding detail to the peaks and volcanoes, and other facilities like park entrances, paths and trails, and other touristic facilities.

large-scale editing 7 months ago

You can use JOSM, that's handy for larger land areas.

Manniton: Relocation 7 months ago

The Federal States ANACA always starts with BA followed by two letters for the airport, ex. BAHH (Hope Harbor), BAER (Elvira). WAAT's do not necessarily have to match the ANACA

Stadium sponsor 9 months ago

@histor - I can always make it a little wider for sure.

@yoyo21 - Chew Toy Depot Park is just the kind of name I needed, sounds so American.

City display problem 10 months ago

It's the same with Sierra (FSA), though the capital appears at on level 8, disappears on level 7

Question over 1 year ago

That's good to know. I'll be sure to include Territory ID if I make future requests. I'm still debating full control vs collaborative entity, but a scratch start might be a good start if I want high quality.

Returning to OGF over 1 year ago

I would not continue Mariana; I would only keep Mariana if linked to the old territory I had. But i'm thinking of making a new start and choosing a new territory.

Returning to OGF over 1 year ago

Not sure what i will do. For the moment, though, I have been told to work on a blue territory for a week, and found a nice little island (Caribbean-like) to work on, with several dependencies (at map=13/16.8599/139.3473; I've called it Bonisle). Eventually if possible I would like to formally adopt it and make it an Ingerish overseas territory and part of the global community.

My idea on Mariana was to take back the old territory I had, but I may just move on and actually seek a separate new one.

Returning to OGF over 1 year ago

I don't think I added that much to the wiki. I had other projects on other sites where I really put most of my writing efforts, but those have really died in the last year. I'm more interested in the map aspect for now, building up the country and perhaps in the future acquiring a little territory to build up too.

Companies in Mariana over 3 years ago

Anyone is free to fly to Mariana. I will add businesses to the IBL page.

@Yuri - you can add Iper and Gigante, Gazela too, Just add the locations to the pages.

International Ulethan Road Network over 3 years ago

Uletha is too big to do such a project, and we not all the countries are active. I would suggest an E-network for Liberan Peninsula, say, more manageable.

Costan Passport over 3 years ago

looks good.

World War(s) over 4 years ago

Even the "good" sides in WWII and the Cold War had their share of "evil" acts: Dresden, Grenada, Both Vietnam wars, Indonesia in the 40s, Congo Belge, Chile etc

World War(s) over 4 years ago

Well I was hoping for a "hot cold war", with air-raids, border clashes, invasion, guerrilla/urban warfare.

And who sides opposed to yours have to be "bad"? Each side would believe themselves to be the good guys, and it would only be through the eyes of their enemies they'd be seen as bad.

Disney-type company over 4 years ago

ok, done

World War(s) over 4 years ago

Well I was thinking of a non-nuclear cold-war style conflict, with fluid attacks over larger areas and guerrilla-type fights in others.

Disney-type company over 4 years ago

How about Thrill Planet at Mundo Espace for the name?

Disney-type company over 4 years ago


Disney-type company over 4 years ago

That would be great. Just what I was looking for. Mundo Espace already has a World Village, an Aquapark and a fantasy castle area but it would be great to link it to existing family movies/characters.