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Topographic Map 9 months ago The instruction on this link follow: Steps: 1. Not Important to Uploading 2. Not Important to Uploading 3. Not Important to Uploading 4. Save your contour layer (on your computer - again, please, do NOT upload contour files to the OGF database!) as a .OSM file. Compress the file ("zip" or some other utility). 5. Email your compressed .OSM file to, with a subject reading "Contour file for possible upload". 6. Wait for someone on the admin team to take a look at your file and, if it is free from major errors, it will probably be uploaded to the Topo Layer on OGF. This may take quite a bit of time - there are some programs that need to be run, and everyone is sometimes busy with other things. Give at least a week. If there are problems with your file, someone will let you know.

About tile updating 9 months ago

But right now, we can't let Thilo know. You'll just have to deal with it :)

About tile updating 9 months ago

I found this about how the render works, according to thilo on a 2016 diary entry : Rendering intervals are as follows:

Zoom levels 0 - 8: once a day (at 7:10 UTC) Coastline at zoom levels > 9: every 30 minutes Everything else at zoom > 9: every 5 minutes

Apart from that, unexpected rendering behavior might occur at any time. Tile expiry on OGF is done by a script that I've written with the explicit goal of minimizing unnecessary re-rendering. Which might actually work a bit too well sometimes. Whenever this occurs, don't hesitate to let me know.

Anti-Virus Blocking JOSM 10 months ago

I am not sure whats causing the issue... my malwarebytes has not picked up JOSM as a threat, but then again I'm running version 15155.

Feature idea: custom highway/route signs on maps 10 months ago

I asked a while back to admins. Response: "Hi, this comes down to three considerations: 1) is it technically feasible; 2) would we want to; and 3) is it maintainable?

After a quick review I believe the answer to the first is no - the linked discussions & examples are on previous versions of the OSM rendering engine. Until such point it is a feature of OSM-proper then it would be too cumbersome to consider for OGF."

So no.

What's wrong with the wiki? 10 months ago

I have the same issue as Yoyo. Takes minutes to load, then just "gives up". I end up cancelling loading and get the html. (which works fine, but is annoying)

- 10 months ago


Ohunkagan's 1895 Exposition & World's Fair 10 months ago

Newflanders, and Luciano... thank you! <3

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@Stara Zagora. Thanks! I will add Saikyel. @Alsatian I will add Svækeyja to the race. @thermo_nuclear Thank you! I will add Podolia to the list, also thanks for the help in population. @JojoBa that would be most appreciated.

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@geoboi added. @iiEarth hmm... good suggestion. Maybe I could make a separate one for each major organization? @zhenkang Kuehong has been altered based on those helpful facts. @huachachi Ok sounds good, it has been added.

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@Infararrojo I will add your country to the list. Thank you!

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@histor Will Add Now!

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@newflanders thanks!

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

/\ different configuration not formatting, my bad.

OGF Population Race Thread II over 1 year ago

@zhenkang Nope. These are the same race with different formatting

OGF Population Race over 1 year ago

@Taka I could configure it but it would be too small. I’ll send the link here in ~30 min

OGF Population Race over 1 year ago

@Zhenkang If there’s a famine/war I drop the population between 3%-5% per year. @Portopolis I will dm you later today. @Alessa I will fix Pretany later today by making the growth slow so the population wont be as high. It also does include smaller countries but the way I have it configured only show top 15. I will add a link here later today showing the bottom ones. @Dono87 Thanks! I determined growth rates by country age. 1-3% growth if 0-100 or 401+ years old. 4-7% growth if 101-250 years old. 8-10% growth if 250-400 years old. I will make the growth slow in the earlier year later today. I will decrease the population of Gobrassyana a little later today to fix the issue. @iiEarth Thanks! @Geoboi Thanks! I would configure to show all countries to show, but the font would be too small to read. I’ll send a link later today to show all countries. @Jojoba Thanks! I tried to relieve that issue by only putting countries that were NOT marked for removal or lost countries.

Airports in OGF almost 2 years ago

There needs to be a bit more help on the wiki. I had trouble figuring out how to accurately map one. But, here is my try:

OGF:Mapper's Cup almost 2 years ago

Sounds interesting. Just need to find a place to host, themes, and figuring out what tier everyone's in. The only question is whether there will be a max size for the entry.


FSA Blue Nation. about 2 years ago

From: It Says, "In addition, at least three collaborative states will be established, for mappers who want to build in the country without owning a state themselves: AR120-11, on the east coast; AR120-43, in the center of the country; and AR120-84, on the west coast. These will become available for the general community to edit as soon as coordinators can be selected."

Best Wishes, CK