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Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States almost 2 years ago

I think a dedicated forum would really help enable cooperation between users. I know if I wanted to even coordinate something between the six or so mappers on the islands around my territory, it's a huge pain to do that only through message systems or a wiki talk page, especially if the collaboration is ongoing.

That would also really help in solving the lack of bigger countries. I'm a fan of the idea that we make a few very big countries that users each take a single portion/state/region of and map that. Realistically it's going to take months or years to put together enough users for a single country of that size to be mapped, but that's just the nature of the site. I think if we had a dedicated forum, it would be much easier to get new users involved in a big collaborative country: they would do the trial mapping in a blue territory, and then they would be given the choice to take their own territory, or join a collab country, and if they wanted to collaborate they could go directly to that country's thread/subforum/whatever and get introduced to the other mappers very easily.

I think another way to make some bigger countries would just be to encourage neighbours to unite into federated countries or multi-state unions. That wouldn't necessarily mean rewriting your country's entire history - it might just be analogous to your country joining the EU, or your territory forming a larger country in the 20th century, as was the case in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Another idea I had to solve some versimilitude issues would be to, when the new continents get opened up, maybe cordon off one of them and give it some stricter rules for users mapping in it to force the cultures and mapping there to be a bit more cohesive. Even if it's as simple a guideline as "all countries on this continent must be based on central/south asia", I think it would be restrictive enough to enforce more cohesion without scaring users away.

Ultimately I lean more toward the admins who have argued that too many restrictions will just scare off new users, though. This is meant to be a hobby, and there's not exactly an enormous flood of new users to pick and choose from. I think any changes made to the site that attempt to change the way users map should be opt-in (like the AR120 plan) rather than making everyone spend weeks mapping along someone else's guidelines for their country before they get one of their own.

Final note re: lack of poor countries, it's worth noting that the current global state of developed/developing/underdeveloped countries is a direct product of colonialism. Like, I think the OGF world would realistically have more poorer countries than it has now, but I don't think it necessarily needs to be like 50, 60 % poor countries to be 'realistic'. It's simply a world with a different history than our own, and a result of that might have been that there was less colonialism and a more even global pattern of development.

Names for the waters surrounding Antarephia almost 2 years ago

I know Tiey (my territory) and Mahal have been redrawn pretty substantially, so their outlines on the current map aren't accurate either (that's why Tarrases and Kezepolan are also not in the right positions). I don't know if Luciano has finished changing the geography in Mahal though so I'm not sure if it's worth fixing that on your map and then having to fix it again later.

How do I calculate area for an island? almost 2 years ago

If I remember correctly, if you have the measure tool open on JOSM and select the coastline of the island, it should give you the area of the entire island polygon.

I don't like my country. almost 2 years ago

It's okay to take a break! This website is meant to be a recreational activity, not a job. Mapping anything big takes a lot of time and a lot of repetitive activities, so it's okay to feel overwhelmed, or lacking the energy or interest to do stuff. I know my map would benefit from me sitting down and copy pasting several hundred tiny houses onto streets in JOSM, but I don't feel like doing that, and there's nothing wrong with that.

If you're worried about scale, I find it really helpful to use the scale addon on JOSM or the scale bar on the map tool, and then compare what I've made to a real-life map with a scale bar. Especially if it's a place I've been to in person, it's really useful in understanding the scale. I made a little building that is the size of my house that I can copy in when I'm drawing out streets, so I can get a better sense of how big they are.

If you're frustrated with doing street layouts, do something more fun. Make a big monumental building, or a fancy park layout, or an interestingly-shaped town built around a mountain or a river. You don't need to have made all the basic infrastructure of a city before you can make an interesting little lake house or a castle, just do things in whatever order you enjoy.

New language mapping. almost 2 years ago

Sorry, screwed up the links.

Plate tectonics discussion

Mountains page

New language mapping. almost 2 years ago

Because it's a collaborative site, there's not a real consensus on plate tectonics, but there is a page where it's being discussed [url=]here[/url], and a map with known mountain ranges on it [url=]here[/url]. People can add to the mountain range map when they add or edit mountains in their countries, but I don't think absolutely everyone has done so. I'd recommend just picking one of the most recent tectonic maps at the bottom of that discussion page and basing your territory's geography on that.

Is something up with multipolygons? almost 2 years ago

Have you made sure that the overlapping layers are tagged correctly as multipolygons? i.e., the church in Kolmen is in a plaza, so it might need to be tagged as an "inner" edge of the plaza multipolygon to appear on the map, and the fields in the forest should be the inner edge of the forest rather than being placed directly on top of an existing forest polygon/multipolygon.

Adding To The Wiki almost 2 years ago

I think it's good for the wiki page to serve as a general introduction to the country, i.e. "X is a communist state where most people live on the southern coastline, and it is a post-colonial country that still has major ethnic conflicts between settlers and indigenous peoples".

Other than that, I think a good principle is to only write about things that have actually been physically mapped. Otherwise it's kind of disappointing to go through the wiki and read interesting information on a place, only to visit the country on the map and find that it's mostly blank. Similarly, it's disappointing when someone has written a lot about things that wouldn't directly appear on a map (like the history or culture of a country) I get interested in their country and I go look at their map and it's mostly empty. I feel like those things should wait until the country's mapping is fairly developed.

So for my country (Tiey), the wiki page is just a rough explanation of what the country is, and then a section explaining the physical geography of the island because that's something that has actually been mapped out and benefits from further explanation.

Views and animations of the Planet almost 2 years ago

This is amazing! Great work!

JOSM error regarding a lake with islands in it almost 2 years ago


JOSM error regarding a lake with islands in it almost 2 years ago

I fixed the issue with the forest before I tried to upload, so I'm not sure whether that is having an effect. I just uploaded the new map, so please take a look Ūdilugbulgidħū and see if anything is wrong with it. Thanks for the help!

JOSM error regarding a lake with islands in it almost 2 years ago

It's not labelled as a coastline, it's only labelled as a multipolygon with natural=water. I have no idea why josm has a problem with it.

hi almost 2 years ago

If you saw it in the real world, I think it's real enough to put into OGF! Japan has been mapped pretty extensively on OpenStreetMap, so if you're not sure how to present something like a highway going over a building or a multi-storey road in OGF, why not try to find one in Japan on OpenStreetMap and see how they mapped it?

Commonia almost 2 years ago

This work looks really nice! You mix the natural forests and rivers with the built towns and fields really well. I'm curious about the Garden of Dwarves, is it meant to be a piece of local folklore?

Hydrology about 2 years ago

If you want to leave it as a lake, it could be an oxbow lake - a lake that forms when a river changes course and a portion of the river is left isolated from the rest. They often have meandering shapes. But that would also mean you'd have to have a similarly sized river running near to it and all the way down to the coast in some form, which would be a very substantial thing to put into your country.

Places to use for Perspective to get the scale right. about 2 years ago

A really easy thing you can do is to go on google maps and use the scale bar to figure out how big your house/apartment building/etc is by just dragging the map until the scale bar is close enough to the building that you can eyeball it. Then you do the same thing on the map editor, draw a little house next to the scale bar so you can make sure it's the correct size.

I find that once I have a little correctly-scaled house that I can copy and paste, it's way easier for me to understand the scale of the map I'm making. Using google maps on places you've lived/visited is also really good for just understanding the basics of how long a street generally is, how large roundabouts are, the size of public buildings, etc. But really having that one little house you can easily refer to is super useful.

Sean Bond Intl. Airport- potential for future gateway to new continents? about 2 years ago

Ignoring the opportunity to build a bigger airport in preparation for future intercontinental travel could make your city more interesting in the long run. Then when those continents do start to become developed you would have to try and find space for more airport facilities somewhere else in your city, which could lead to some interesting planning options: do you have a bigger out-of-town airport? Do you have two airports, or make a larger one elsewhere and replace the newer one with housing or a park, giving your city an interesting bit of history? Do you try to jam another runway into the existing airport and beef up its transport links, working around the space that has built up around the airport in the meantime?

Approaching it in that way seems more true to real-world urban planning, where people don't usually have the luxury of planning ahead, and end up with messy but interesting solutions later on.