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Transect of Plowford 7 months ago

That looks really really good. Even the building numbers are on there. It feels like a real place. It has more detail than most maps out there.

As for the few negatives I can see: I see a typo. One side of a major street is called "Filgwell" with an I-L and the other is "Fligwell" with an L-I. Which is right? Also, Porters Rise off Howers Lane is the name of two separate streets that intersect, altho my London A-Z street atlas says that happens a lot in London, so that may be normal there. I see a section of Wellingbrook a few km north of the rest of Plowford, it looks like an earlier development stage. You should probably delete that. That's all the negatives I can think of.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 7 months ago

If you want to know how any place in the real world numbers their highways, Marcel Monterie's site has you covered.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 8 months ago

I haven't tried any highway numbers yet, since I haven't built anything outside my capital city yet. I'm a big fan of doing odd numbers north-south and even numbers east-west, or the other way around. Of course, you have to use something that makes sense for the territory you have.

My territory (Concordia) is small and mostly rectangular. I definitely want to use the odd=N-S, even=E-W rule for highway numbers. I've thought about doing a grid or a grid-like system for the most important highways, and those may only go from 1 to 9. I haven't decided how to do highway numbers beyond that yet. It may be a while before I get to that point. I've also thought of lifting the A/B/M system from the UK, where the main roads are A highways, minor roads are B highways, and freeways are M highways. I like it better than the system in the US where Interstate 20 parallels US 80 - in my case M2 would parallel A2. Some Australian states add a C for tertiary roads. That's similar to the S/D/no letter system you have.

I highly recommend keeping a list of all the highway numbers and where they start and end. I keep lists of the streets in towns I've designed so I don't repeat street names.

Extreme Geography Noob here, wanting to make isolationist Island Nation 8 months ago

Yes, all the beginners edit the same territories. I've been editing in one of the blue territories, Gobrassanya, since I started. Once you've been around for at least a week and you've mapped enough, you can request a territory. There are some island territories available when you're ready for one. A lot of the territories aren't taken yet, and in a few days some more will be withdrawn. See the territory overview map for more information.

An introduction to me (and the country town of Pantalis) 9 months ago

Great job! Not much else to say, but I'm very impressed. You put a lot of detail into a very small town. It feels real.

Adopting a town - Authou, Yantia, Gobrassanya 9 months ago

It really should be. It's nowhere near finished. I should have said something about that at first. I'm using it to practice editing. I made the downtown grid blocks pretty big which may have limited me some.

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 9 months ago

I'm new here and I barely know how to use any of the editors, but here's my advice:

  1. The layout is not enough. Congestion would be insane in a city like this. There should be a freeway bypass unless the economy can't support it. Also there's not enough neighborhoods for 3 million people unless everyone lives in skyscrapers. I'd expand the suburbs some more.
  2. I'd have some sort of rapid transit or subway system as well, once again unless the economy can't support it.
  3. I can't think of anything on this point but some of the other people here might be able to.

A positive note: I like the way you use the numbered streets, where 1st-15th run east-west and 20th-29th run north-south. It's logical and creative at the same time. And of course I like that you have Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr Roads. :-) I'm impressed with the amount of work you put in.

Just for some advice. 9 months ago

I'd delete Preninlad Street, as well as C. Kao Drive east of Calvin Drive, and Minor Street and Marlin Avenue west of Soren Road. There's two Marcos Drives, I'd rename one of them. I could see adding in more north-south streets because they are very far apart, about 300m or 1/5 mile. You'll find that in a few places, like Manhattan, but most grids tend to be about 6-10 to the kilometer or 10-16 to the mile.

I'd also use the suffixes more consistently. Streets, avenues, drives, roads, and lanes all run east-west and streets, avenues, drives, roads, and boulevards run north-south. A lot of grid cities will keep it to streets running one way and avenues another way, maybe with the occasional road or drive. Lanes usually imply smaller streets and boulevards usually imply larger streets. Drives tend to be newer roads and are less likely to be found in older parts of town, unless they were renamed from something else. (Example: Martin Luther King Drive in many American cities) It looks like the northern part of your city is mostly avenues east-west and streets north-south.

A good idea is to look at maps of grid cities and see what they do. The US and Canada are full of them. As Aces California said, very few grids are perfect grids. Even Salt Lake City isn't.