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Border Checkpoints about 1 year ago

Liadrien, Khankya isn’t the capital of Skavhyrivniya, but I am rather glad you like the roads, but as it stands it is the largest city so far in the nation. Khankya is going to be like that one city that is built up around the city and then the towns around it is where most of the population lives. Khankya’s road system was actually an accident but I am too lazy to delete multiple segments of M-03 and M-05 to fix it, without creating a riverside motorway (interstate) which was initially something I didn’t want. T-235 was also initially going to be a motorway loop, but the best thing I have for a belt-road is T-235 and the partially unreasonable M-103 that acts as a direct point of reference for Khanya itself on the map…

Additionally T-21, T-35, L-11, K-20, and T-235 are all eventually going to be renumbered because I messed up my numbering scheme based off of Oblast.

M-01 (Road to Nowhere) might curve back into the coast and be the home of what I can hope and pray is going to become a large port, and port city. M-03 might get redrawn, M-05 will head up to a border after splitting with yet again another Highway, Probably Numbered as M-07 or M-09.

Border-checkpoints along R-22, and T-35 will be made in the near future.

Triblanka Zoning, and Khankya Zoning.

And then the basebones of the capital city, with a ring road system much like Houston’s but on a smaller scale.

But once again thank you for the “compliment” on Khankya’s roads.

Border Checkpoints about 1 year ago

Thank You, and I will say that does look amazing. Although that is very advanced compared to me. And don’t mind the scale of the villages to the north. I plan on reworking those after I am done with the rest of my ideas.

Mecyna Numeric and Alphabetical Routes over 1 year ago

Well… It was just an idea.

Mecyna Numeric and Alphabetical Routes over 1 year ago

I’ve drafted up extensive plans for the Gilagonas Region in Mecyna which includes lakes and smaller villages so its not…. so bare of a waste. But also I noticed how many towns there are in Mecyna without roads or a small network. They’re just points in the middle of nowhere with nothing. I’ve also noticed the lack of consistency between two cities that mind you are connected to one another near Pembroke, and further south to the border.

And what could possibly go wrong???? over 1 year ago

Lithium, I would greatly appreciate that, but as far as the Living roads go, I was kinda basing it off of like roads you would find in a housing development or in between a set of housing blocks, but also expected to carry such a low volume of traffic.

And what could possibly go wrong???? over 1 year ago

Well… True, I’m originally from there, but I was wanting to try something like Beckley or Morgantown in regards to the sprawl, Charleston was the wrong town to use

it's not over yet over 1 year ago

It’s nice to see an area that is inspired by the Appalachian Mountains, but also It’s cool to see the region that I like a few I noticed are from that region. Personally I am from WV, but I love the Appalachian Mountains probably as the next guy from up there. It’s also so beautifully drawn as well.