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Cuisines around the world? over 2 years ago

Ncadian cuisine consists of mostly local fish, rice, and local fruits such as Nyasja and Llimok. Nyasja is often made into an alcoholic beverage called Nyasjítúpó, baked into Nyasjpaóne or made into Nyasjvéasa sauce.

The year didn't start well for OGF as it seems... about 3 years ago

Even though some may spend too much time on the wiki, deleting the wiki would be a bad idea. The wiki complements the map. While the map is the main focus of OGF, the wiki is necessary for archiving the ideas of creators here, especially those who wish to expand upon what they do on the map. It provides context to the map that the forums and these diaries cannot match. These ideas help to flesh out the map and gives it meaning. Unless it’s actually affecting map quality, time spent on the wiki should not be an issue. So I think the wiki should be kept.

Merry Christmas! about 3 years ago

Ektco’ame Xrixsiqetu-tom!

Ncadia doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, the Demanu holiday “Dqexisiqetu”, which celebrates the virtue of “Sencaxu” is celebrated for 5 days after the Winter Solstice.

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? about 3 years ago

Also, while the nation is researching and considering them, the state considers nuclear plants to be too short lasting to be of much good on the islands. There are also concerns as to the placement of nuclear waste from the plants and the land area that will have to be sacrificed.

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? about 3 years ago

Ncadezaz has no nukes. Its military is only really naval and the nation is pacifistic in general.

Ncakjana about 3 years ago


There's a website I found long before like months ago that is kinda like OGF over 3 years ago

@zhenkang It is possible, though I like the more detailed world here. Why become a copy of Planetworkshop, when it can simply be used as a complement for our efforts here?

There's a website I found long before like months ago that is kinda like OGF over 3 years ago

I know this website… I don’t follow planetworkshop much, but I’ve been here while looking for conworkshop, in which I am a bit more active(not really saying much). It’s not too similar to OGF, but probably good enough for an overview of your country during a planning phase.

Zoology over 3 years ago

Ncadézaz has the ponjúsen(pawn-choo-shen) bird, a bright red, large omnivorous tropical bird that lives on and around islands in the Uthyran Sea, especially the Ahéa archipelago, and feeds on fish near the surface and on small berries it finds. A domesticated form of it resembles a large, red chicken and is fed with dry “Nyasja” berries, rice, and local fish.

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... over 3 years ago

Aháas‎ never had any problems with gender equality or gay/lesbian rights. Transgenders are not recognized by the government, though, for cultural reasons.

Embassies in Illiria over 3 years ago

Good to know…

Stereotypes of Your Country over 3 years ago

Aháas: Aháazama are often portrayed as overly intelligent and strict, are short, but are also fervent environmentalists and very untrusting of non-Athaeans.

Vertbourne Revisited almost 4 years ago

I noticed that you use residential areas to display the names of the neighborhoods. Why don’t you just use the neighborhood marker?