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from the Commonian town of Province, lived in West Lankford lived in Wan Chai for a bit, then moved to Centen. after the independence movements in the north, i moved to Westchester. (not really)

My current Projects

Centex Limited

an OGF company based in Westchester, originally in Centen, then

Murphy County, West Massodeya, FSA

Owned by me, but RK (RK8754) is also allowed to contribute. first Massodeyas county claimed.

My Ideas

Central Commonia Transportation

i know that the center of Commonia is mostly rainforest, but i think there should be more roads in Central Commonia. i mean, you can't get from Raintree to West equatorial Commonia without traveling to the West Coast!

Succesful Projects


Sunston is a hamlet that i never really got to finish, but i still call it a success.


though i uncovered a MASSIVE scaling problem, it was a definite success. it was great, modern, and had things an ordinary town/city would have. i partnered up with RK8754 to make this a success, so shout out to him. this is now mainly being developed by Caleb Burak the developer, while I make minor changes. (EDIT: Centen is now in AR917)

Finishing Unfinished Kip. E. Prarie Freeway

very simple, just it continuing until it hit the Langwood Highway, then a gas station.

Failed Projects

New Highway

part of the finished Kip. E. Prarie freeway plan, this would start and the new end of the K.E.P Freeway and hit C28, but i never did it because it was dumb and useless.


NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SLOVENIA, FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. my first country. i was very inactive, so i released it.


a small town i was making, who i partnered up with RK again. failed after the northern commonia split.


don't forget to check out these people!: * Caleb burak the developer (INCACTIVE) * RK8754 (ACTIVE) * TheIlluminix (ON A BREAK)