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Brig: open for embassies! over 1 year ago

Hello! I have established an Embassy of Duncanheim here.

Feel free to establish an embassy in Duncanheim's capital of Kattenden - while there are two small districts set aside for embassies: Here and Here, you might also choose to place your embassy in the International District, Frelsibero, or Kattenden New City.

I do have to say I am surprised by the number of stadiums in Brig, although it is not a problem.



Merry Christmas! A question: How can we monetize geofiction? over 1 year ago

This is a hobby site. It is free to use. If you want to attempt monetize your hobby, by all means feel free, but # not here #. None of the rest of us are trying to make money off of this, as far as I can tell, and the last thing I want is for this site to become corporatized, amalgamated, profitized, monetized, or in any other way commodified, thank you very much.

Season's Greetings, and may Odin leave under your tree whatever gifts you deserve tonight.

Border Wall over 1 year ago

I do feel the need to question the logic of this now that I've moved into the neighborhood...

Click to view annotated map

speicies-genus almost 2 years ago

Quick tip

  • having a unique species of fox indigenous to your country: passable as realistic

  • having a unique species of domesticable-yet-lethal-and-also-flying fox: not so much

I am (I think) within the bounds of verisimilitude if I say that Duncanheim (my country) is home to a subspecies of wolf that has dark red fur, and a much louder howl than most other varieties of wolf. This is realistic. South America has red wolves, and to say that the wolf's howl is louder than usual is not particularly fantastical.

I could also say that the South Archantan Red Wolf historically cross-bred with sheep-dogs, resulting in a breed of dog called the Duncanheim Shepard, a large and fiercely loyal breed of dog (resembling a cross between an IRL German Shepard and a Malamute, but with dark red fur). This is still fairly realistic. Dog breeds vary wildly.

But if I suggest that I also have raccoons with venom sacs and wings, I have broken verisimilitude. There are too many evolutionary steps between animals we know in real life and that concept for it to be considered realistic.

I could say that there is a legend about a creature called "The Fluggaudidhanag" that is said to be like a raccoon but with venom and wings, and that this legend is told to young children with the warning that if they run off into the forest at night, the Fluggaudidhanags will come and spray them with poison and eat them, so good children stay out of the forest at night. As a scary campfire story.

But if I start saying that the Fluggaudidhanag is real and available at pet stores, then I have broken verisimilitude.

Also, apart from maybe a street name or an art installation, I don't see how I would map the legend anyway.

What to do with city... almost 2 years ago

I would recommend starting with business districts and apartment buildings, so you can figure out which areas of your city have the densest population, and work from there.

Additionally, since you are right next to Duncanheim, I have a few chains of businesses that you could use for businesses in Andasonia:

DUFAB Supermarkets

Golden Cafeteria (Fast Food)

MNF Coffee (coffee shops, bit like Starbucks, doesn't have a wiki page yet)

Hope this helps!

A mini icebreaker - how do you name your own territory about 2 years ago

Duncanheim is named Duncanheim because my name is Duncan. In-world, the story behind it is that the country was formed by a coalition of tribes organized by King Duncan I, and the government was subsequently named after him, which led to the country being named as such.

Area size calculator about 2 years ago

A relation that was supposed to be one Canton (admin_level 6) is including the neighboring cantons as well as one huge relation with internal boundaries. How do I fix this?

Developing the 'Prosperous, Litter-free and Greatest' Capital about 2 years ago

As for the road network, I think there are three reasons it 'doesn't look natural enough', compared to maps of places like Budapest and Kiev. The first reason will solve itself as you add more detail, which is that there are lots of blank and unfinished spaces where there will be urban development (presumably), but that hasn't been mapped yet, so it looks unfinished, even though the roads are there. Once the buildings go in, that will fix itself. The second reason is simply categories of road - there are too many secondary roads. About a third of the roads marked secondary should really be classified as primary, and another third of them downgraded to tertiary. I'd recommend, for example, that Huriton Way be made primary (and be extended over part of Hassenberg Avenue so that Huriton actually meets the Outer Antigo Road instead of narrowly avoiding it, main roads connect to other main roads wherever possible, they don't avoid each other like that). Goscoritt Avenue, on the other hand, should be downgraded to tertiary. It can still be a dual carriageway, but having so many secondary roads so near to each other is unnecessary. Item #3 for the road network is NT-32, which appears to be unfinished. I'm not sure if you're planning on finishing it or leaving it as "an ongoing road construction project that is not yet completed", but there doesn't seem to be a detour. When freeways are unfinished like that, the two parts always have a temporary highway route designated to connect them, but in Antigo City the West Way ends at a secondary road, while the North Antigo Way ends at a primary road by the river, and even though they're both the same highway, and I can pretty clearly see where the remaining portion would be planned for, there is no clear detour. How would I get from the West Way to the North Antigo Way? I could turn right on Inmar (while expressing surprise that a motorway was having its traffic directed onto a road that wasn't a highway), left on Briarmack Circle, then north on the Antigo River Road, OR I could turn right on Inmar, go through the heart of the city, and connect to Antigo River Road directly, OR I could turn right on Inmar, left on Delderan, and then swear at myself for going the wrong way, and circle back down Lomworth Road to get to Briarmack and connect to the bridge on Antigo River Road. None of those options keeps me on primary roads.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, how on Earth does this intersection work? That definitely needs a redesign, a roundabout if nothing else.

Just some suggestions for the road network :D

Capital City - Streets gone mad about 2 years ago

Holy crap. I put in my own rail lines and canals, and ended up filling them it in very similar positions to the ones in Dunkirk, without knowing. I guess the streets just framed them? Anyway, I've been altering streets and coastlines, and plan to extend the city, so by the time I'm finished it should only bear a very vague resemblance to real life.