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Feature idea: custom highway/route signs on maps about 1 year ago

Luciano, even if I think that is is mostly a matter of not what they say, but how they do, let me say something to this in general. Not everyone is technically capable of implementing these features. And if everybody would, we would have a total “feature mess” here, so thank god that it is like that. However, forbidding people to ask for new features if they aren’t capable of implementing them themselves is also… strange, I have to say.

I understand that the admins probably put A LOT of work into OGF and nobody will even notice because it happens all in the background and most people will show this “utter disregard” about this work. However, I still think you overshoot a bit here.

We are a multilingual community and from what I know by my own experience as non-native English speaker is that this “cavalierly asking” often comes by the lack of language knowledge (it just starts right here: from my first guess, I would have say that cavalierly is something positive as in German, a Kavalier is often used in a positive connotation, not as a synonym for arrogance). I made these experiences for myself many times; my posts caused reactions that were VERY far beyond my intentions.

I don’t know it this is true for MisterBean, but these are just my five cents I want to add.


@bhj867 I just wanted to link the town generator. I absolutely love it.

Speaking of vandalism... almost 2 years ago

Oh, you looked!

Realistic node density per kilometer almost 2 years ago

By the way, Luciano, another question concerning database performance has come to my mind. As the maximum number of nodes in a line is 2.000, does it have any advantage to partition longer lines in such a way that there are (if possible) as much as possible lines with exactly 2.000 nodes?

Realistic node density per kilometer almost 2 years ago

Luciano, don’t worry! Those nodes never made it to the database! ;-) I deleted everything in JOSM, right after I did my calculations. There was no upload and no deletion. Exactly because I am aware of the “problem” (i.e. totally normal process for that kind of database editing) you have described and I thought that the “realism” of 680.000 nodes does not in any way pays out for the burden this means for the database (and the rest of the commnity).

In the meantime, I have found a satisfying workflow for me. When fractalize in Inkscape, I use 4 subdivisions with a smoothness of 5. Then, after importing the object in JOSM, I simplify the line (exactly like you proposed) which just left me with 12.000 nodes for a shoreline of 550 km, so about 50 metres per node. I think this might be an acceptable compromize between smoothness and database burden.

Export OGF data to svg almost 2 years ago

Well, it doesn’t work well for me. The shape is heavily distorted (in horizontal direction). I don’t know if JOSM exports it like this or if Mapshaper stretches it. Maybe this has something to do with projection?

Export OGF data to svg almost 2 years ago

Ah, thanks Taka, will give it a try. I made a mistake before - I took a look into what formats I could export data from JOSM, but I did this while the background layer was active, so I only could export as wms file.

Frjálshöfn and the dilemma of early mapping almost 2 years ago

Thanks for all your feedback!

@Picard-Lindelöf: that’s exactly the problem I’m dealing with at the moment. Because I didn’t care about verisimilitude in the first place and kept going instead, I now have some nice areas I would like to preserve without the surrounding geography. At the moment, I try to figure out which parts of the city I want to preserve. I will keep some of the quarters, however, I will split most of them apart. The city island will not be part of the new city, I doesn’t like the design. However, the southern islands will stay, but in a modified form. I will see how I can manage this.

@Demuth: nice design. And yes, it is clear that Stockholm was an inspiration for Mynninghamn. ;-)

GDP spendings almost 3 years ago

Well, I just found some statistics from the world bank. It seems that 50% is waaaaaaay to much.

World Bank Statistics

It seems that even 20% is quite a lot.

Discord about 3 years ago

Who should manage all of those country-specific Discord channels? From my perspective, I have neither time nor interest to follow a channel for my country at all. There are enough places to deposit specific suggestions about anything. We have a forum now, we have wiki discussion pages…

There is absolutely no need in any live communication for a project like OGF. Things need to take time. The last time Discord was tested, in a community country, people (including me) started to discuss and edit matters “on the fly”. This turned out to be a very bad idea because when two people think a change to something might be necessary, it might not be the meaning of the rest of the community. This is not the way OGF should be like.

If there are people meeting offside, it is totally okay if they organize it themselves. However, I think it is a good idea to not actively promote any form of live communication for OGF.

Rendering test of natural ground cover (landuse, natural, leisure) about 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments! As there seems to be a certain need for this kind of map legend, I will extend it next week. However, this implies moving the whole think to another place. I will keep you informed.

Real life interrupts... about 3 years ago

Have a good resettlement!

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

Well, I have 42 Gig of RAM with 16 Gig allocated to the JVM, thanks to Paxtar who responded to my last issue with the extremely slow JOSM UI. I guess that’s not the problem. ;) It really seems that I have to file a bug report over at the JOSM repository.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

Gooooooooooodness, I feel so ridiculous now… I found the “error” - by accident. Long story short: from the OSM file, I did selective uploads, e.g. drawing a selection rectangle over the objects - selecting nodes AND ways. THIS was the problem. Now I’ve found out that when I ONLY select the paths and NOT the nodes, the post processing doesn’t occur. I’ve just uploaded 35.000 objects in less than 5 minutes. Big big facepalm. :D

So, a message to all: beware when you perform selective uploads from within JOSM. Try to unselect all nodes which are part of a path/polygon.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

Thanks for your support, Luciano. During the day, I’ve tried some things: 1. tried out the latest “untested” JSOM version - same effect 2. followed your approach with copying the objects I want to upload to a new OSM file (including saving) - same effect 3. Trying to upload parts of the same file on another machine (normally, I’m on a Mac, this upload was from Windows) - same effect 3. did a completely different edit without the island data I want to upload (affecting some borders and cities all over Nor∂urland - no post processing delay! 4. followed your advice to check if the data is on the server. While uploading some islands again, when the “postprocessing” message appeared, I looked into the “History” tab on the OGF website and inspected the changeset. All nodes and polygons were listed there. 5. taking 4 one step further, cancelling the upload when JOSM goes into the post processing phase - seems that all objects have been uploaded. Tried this several times.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

I just recognized that obviously I didn’t add the islands to any relation. Possibly during one of the many hangups when preparing the data, that change went lost. So I can exclude this as a source of error too. I will try to download the beta version of JOSM and see if this is a version-related problem.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

Hmmm… I doubt that it has something to do with the speed of my internet provider (solid 4 MB/s LTE connection). And the upload itself is blazing fast. Takes only a few seconds for 5.000 objects. What takes hours is just the post processing. However, tonight I thought that it might have to do with the fact that I’m not only uploading these islands but on the same time adding them to two relations. Will make some tests about this.

JOSM/Merkaartor: auto split ways every X nodes over 3 years ago

I know that I can use P for splitting a path/polygon. However, that’s not what I asked for. As I’ve said, with more than 300.000 nodes on one layer, JOSM gets incredibly cumbersome to use (when selecting nodes etc., it takes the program longer than usual to respond) . It took me more than am hour to truncate 30 or so polygons. So I was looking for a way of automating the splitting process, f.e. selecting a poly/path and apply some kind of auto split function.

Suggestion: Review your "capital" tagging over 3 years ago

Just before reading this, I recognized that I’ve made the same mistake. ;) Will address this issue within the next edits.

Footways overdose almost 4 years ago

Thanks for all your answers. I thought about leaving roadisde footways out in the future and add them when I dig deeper into detail. However, I recognized that adding them in one step with “block designations” (e.g. landuse=residential between block forming roads) is not much more work because I duplicate the lines anyway and add crosspoints with SHIFT+I, so mostly, simply one more duplication is needed. So I think I will continue with mapping them.