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Posted by EWaffles on 1 December 2017 in English (English)

I just joined OpenGeofiction and I don't really know exactly how to do things! How do you make a city? I tried to make one, and it didn't work. Also, how do you keep track of where you are working? If I am working in my city, how do I leave the website and then remember exactly where I am? Also, how do I name my city? I learned the basics of OpenGeofiction, but when I tried to do the walkthrough it wouldn't work. Can somebody help me, please? Thanks!

Comment from Eevee on 1 December 2017 at 23:53

Welcome to OGF!

First of all, you should know the basic rules of OpenGeofiction. You can't edit where you want to. There are a few territories that are for beginners. After mapping there for at least 7 days, you can request a territory of your own. Here are some useful links:

If you don't remember where you have edited, you can see your edits on your profile page (there is a link to a list).

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Comment from eklas on 2 December 2017 at 06:58

And if you click on your username in the top right and go to 'my settings,' you can set your town as a home location. Then when you get lost while browsing the map, you can click 'go to home location' in the same menu and it will take you to the location you've set.

Oh by the way, please don't start with a city per se. Cities are the most complicated thing to draw. Practise drawing villages, farms or smaller towns first.

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Comment from trabantemnaksiezyc on 3 December 2017 at 09:36

But remember not to edit in other people's countries! I've noticed that you edited in Jirki which is owned by Senz.

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Comment from Rayx on 8 April 2018 at 08:17

same thing

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