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"European" Suburbia 4 months ago

I lived in Blanchardstown a suburb northwest of Dublin, Ireland. The housing estates that surround Dublin are similar to US suburbs but there is a higher density of people because the houses are usually smaller and closer together. What I like about Irish housing estates is the large number of green spaces or “greens” as they are called. Greens are maintained but they are not really a park or playground like in the US.

Strait between San Marcos and Brasonia over 2 years ago

In the early days of OGF creating ferry lines and reaching out to other nations to make connections was very popular.

OGF Background on Potlatch 2 over 2 years ago

How are you getting Potlatch2 to work? I know after 7 years of OGF I should start to use JOSM but Potlatch was my editor of choice.

Speaking of vandalism... almost 3 years ago

I only noticed this little Island when Isleno added maritime boundaries several years ago. It added to Orinoco’s area so I left it.

Devellopement of New Carnaby over 3 years ago

Thank you Histor for taking the lead on this. Hopefully once I am settled with my new job I can find some time to learn JOSM and continue mapping. As of now I can’t find any browser that will allow Potlatch2 to work. I look forward to being an active participant on OGF soon.

Verisimilitude - how is it possible? almost 4 years ago

I agree with Wangi, try not to over think it. I look at OGF like I would an atlas of places I have never seen before.

National Airport Examples?? almost 4 years ago

Where I used to live on Long Island there were several airports within an or two drive from NYC. Most of them were originally for defense and built prior to and during WWII. Long Island MacArthurs has regular flights to Florida and is the largest between Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

I would like to think Gobras City is somewhat similar to New York City, just a little smaller. I would like to think that the Obenaai Airport is used mostly for executive flights and charters for major national / international golfing events next door at the national golf course. Similar to Republic near NYC and Bethpage.

East Prado Plains Air Base was originally a small airport turned into an air base for national defense and Gobrasair testing. Similar to Boeing Field outside Seatlle, WA

I drew Cavanhurst as a small single runway and then it took off from there. My intial idea was another air base training facility and very small aircraft. Similar to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn,

These are the airports that I am responsible for or at least started. I thought about an Andrews AFB type base but Chicanapi to south should fill that role.

National Airport Examples?? almost 4 years ago

@Luciano The last time I flew out of Seoul it was from Kimpo. Inchon was not built yet. Do they still use Kimpo?

Five Years of OGF almost 4 years ago

@iiEarth I believe the exact date is 3 September, 2013.

Potlatch 2 about 4 years ago

I’m dealing with the same issue. First it was Chrome and then Firefox with the Flash message. Internet Explorer seems to work for me but it’s been painfully slow.

Real life interrupts... about 4 years ago

Best of luck on the move. I’m in a similar situation after retiring from the NYPD and relocating from NY ro FL. Moving and looking for work is very time consuming.

Digging up OGF's past over 4 years ago

First Harbor was where I first started on the 3rd or 4th of September, 2013. I update this park with significant dates and anniversaries.

I also add the date to the smaller parks or playgrounds around Gobras City.

Four year anniversay over 4 years ago

Happy Anniversary. It’s hard to believe this thing of ours is over four years old now.

Dear People: I wonder if you've had this feeling over 4 years ago

It’s totally normal to feel that way. I feel like deleting most of Orinoco and starting over sometimes and I started Orinoco a little over four years ago. Sometimes I find it helpful to leave your main country and work in other areas like Gobrassanya.

CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya over 4 years ago

I could be wrong but it looked like the edit deleting the coastline was intentional.

Have some relation problems with St. Richards almost 5 years ago

I think this is the same issue that caused any hollowed out area I drew to be filled in. I used the square within a square tool in Potlatch. At some point I need to go back and repair a lot of buildings and tracks.

Weekly World #13 almost 5 years ago

@Luciano Irhoborin Refugee Settlement is probably one of the best examples of how great this site can be. My original edits in Peurto Geo was a flood canal and a few of the names in the area describe the terrain such as Highground & Hochwasser. Joaquin Hills in Gobras City was named after Hurricane Joaquin which threatened the U.S. East Coast two years ago. I think I may start editing again in Peurto Geo making more flood walls and completing the navy base.

Is something up with multipolygons? almost 5 years ago

It looks like everything i drew using the square in a square icon in Potlatch needs to be fixed. I really need to start using JOSM. No excuse no after 4 years.

Is something up with multipolygons? almost 5 years ago

I noticed all the buildings I drew in Gobras City with hollowed out areas are now filled in. All my running tracks are gone too.

Photos for OGF Wiki about 5 years ago

I was thinking more like if someone needed desert photos the could grab some of mine for their articles and I needed some thing tropical for Gobrassanya someone else could post those.