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"European" Suburbia about 1 year ago

Sorry for the broken english and for the long post

As Intergan said, depends on where you are. I’ll write about France because that’s what I’m familiar with. Most cities will have a city center, a ring around it called “banlieue”, and then multiple villages around it. So suburbia is kinda both theses zones, the first one is basically fully urbanised, and you got planned neighbourhoods with multiple small famillial houses, big affordable residential buildings, and some more high-end neighborhoods with houses with gardens and swimming pools (I’m obviously simplifying). You’ll have to add some commercial facilities as well, some big low rise buildings and parking lots as well as some more locally based ones on the floor levels of buildings for example. Here you got an example of one of such zone

Then you get more discontinued areas, with farmland dotted with villages where people went to live in, that grew to accommodate the population These villages often have a old part where you find olds buildings that were here before the car was invented, and housed farmers, mixed with new one housing people working on the city, and one or two shops. These areas will often stay low rise, with maybe some buildings going to 4 or 5 stories, and have some small scale planned neighbourhoods ressembling american suburbia ( 5 to 20 houses each) You’ll also find some places with big commercial areas, as well as some offices dotted around Obviously the different villages will have varying sizes, with the ones close to a railway line being often bigger than the others Here are some example near what’s considered a big city by French standards Here you go, good luck with it all

Terrible Maps! over 4 years ago

Yeah, i followed that account for a while it never fails to make me smile when it comes on my TL Also on twitter, a good thread about New-Orleans and its bad mapping : And on a more serious note, this guy’s account often share interesting maps published in newspapers (in french sadly) :

Mapper's Challenge #26 — December 2018 — It's all fun and games… over 4 years ago

Here’s my entry : the area around the Guillaume Eddun Stadium include a tramway stop and a parking for easy access, as well as the stadium itself we can find an indoor swimming pool as well as a repurposable basketball or volleyball court

Mapper's Challenge #23 — September 2018 — Back to School over 4 years ago

Here’s my university, it’s not really finished as it lacks some utilities such as parking but I’m quite proud of it

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... over 4 years ago

We could see some differences on the map, for instance, in France, school was mandatory for young boys and girls, but at first they were separated, often resulting in two schools being build one next to the other. We could see some things like that in nations where gender equality isn’t a thing, or maybe remains of such policies in countries that embraced equality recently In continuation of my previous exemple, the boy’s school was my kindergarten, and the girl’s school was my elementary.

Discord over 4 years ago

I don’t know what happened before, but this one is for my country and it’s internationals relations, so we’ll try to keep it civil but I will have the last word, since at the end it’s me who’ll be mapping

The Eye over 4 years ago

@Lars, I’d be happy to ! is there a discord or something i could join to communicate ?