QUARTA Map: Progress Report, new method

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 22 March 2017 in English (English)

Thank you all for all of the tips about the QUARTA QLine Metro map I was working on before! They helped me significantly! In fact, I started over to try and do a better job.

I thought I'd give a progress report on how the newer version is coming.

After looking at the Cam Booth map tutorial that Myrcia showed me, redoing the "knotpoints" or major junctions following Histor's tips, and trying the "sketch the whole system and simplify" method Isleno mentioned, I managed to come up with a rough scheme where the entire map only uses 45 and 90 degree angles. I started off planning to go for a full Viginelli-style approach, but found the lack of curves surprisingly nice for the system and design elements, with a few exceptions (there are a couple jarring corners at times).

Speaking of corners, I ran into the same struggle that I've seen Cam Booth talk about many times on his site, having some routes or parts of the map come out much more simplified than others. You'll notice that the 5 (the orange line) is pretty smooth all the way through, with only about two 45 degree angles (well, 1 visible. There will be a couple more when the map is finished but you get the point), while line 8 (the light blue line to the top right)... can't see all of it here, but because of the strange routing and large amount of tight curves, it's basically a weird zigzag XD

But as a whole, I'm liking the way this version is coming out much better than the first one. I plan to add in the land masses (and maybe large parks) last, though I am vaguely planning in my head how they will work with the map.

QMAP Second Try!

Comment from Myrcia on 22 March 2017 at 11:13

I think it's very interesting to think about the distortion caused by creating such a diagram and how that can actually be used to make it better. It can help to see if there's a main axis along which you can centre the diagram. For example, in my favourite incarnation of the tube map the Central Line on the is used to anchor the map as a straight line across the middle.

The interesting thing about QUARTA is that the density of lines isn't hugely higher in the centre of the city compared to further out. It might, therefore, be difficult to distinguish where the 'centre' of the system is unless you employ some visual clues like zone shading or a change of scale. On Andy's map of Winburgh's metro system I think it's pretty obvious where the city centre is because it's right in the centre of the map, I don't think QUARTA has that same luxury due to the shape of Quentinsburgh.

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Comment from Myrcia on 22 March 2017 at 11:14

I also meant to say that I think it is looking terrific. I can see you've taken on board advice people have given you and it is already one of the most realistic and professional maps you've produced. Well done!

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Comment from isleƱo on 22 March 2017 at 15:59

Looks good! Glad the advice helped.

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Comment from Leowezy on 22 March 2017 at 17:11

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the corner trying to draw coloured lines on browser screenshots in Paint to have any graphic representation at all. Very well done! It's very enjoyable to look at nicely done network diagrams by other users and "discover" their cities from another angle.

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Comment from histor on 22 March 2017 at 23:55

Much better as your first version. Looks good, indeed.

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