The importance of taking feedback/constructive criticism, without losing hope (A word of advice/encouragement to less experienced mappers)

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 27 November 2017 in English (English)

I recently discovered some of the remnants of my first attempt at a country still exists on the map. I also discovered how miserably bad it was. And when I say miserably bad, I mean "oh God that's terrible block him before he messes anything else up" bad.

Part of me wanted to hope the original mapping stayed hidden/ignored forever. But I thought about it, and I felt that perhaps this will act as a bit of encouragement to newer mappers trying to get better, to show that if you're willing to try, listen, look at examples, and take advice/constructive criticism/feedback, that you can improve.

Here's the remains of the city of Noah in what I had at the time claimed as the first version of Freedemia in a different spot, ~2014ish:

this abomination here

And this is Quentinsburgh, Freedemia today, 2017, continuing to improve:

not terrible if I may say so myself, still working on improving it daily

All this is to say, if you really care, and are willing to listen to advice from fellow mappers, learn different mapping techniques, look at well mapped countries and real life countries as examples, and take the time to slowly map and improve, it can make a difference and you can get better. Don't lose hope. I know it's been a bit rough on newbies around here lately, but understand that the majority of us just want you to learn from mistakes, keep improving, keep trying. If I've somehow managed to come this far, so can you.

Sincerely, Ernestpcosby

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