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Darsons: What is your opinion? about 11 hours ago

Something like this that utilizes and retains the majority of the mapping while making the routing more realistic for the city could work well. It leaves a major streetcar/tram for the core part of the city and could have a smaller east-west tram serving some of the other areas that seemed significant. The rest of the trams could be deleted.

Darsons: What is your opinion? about 12 hours ago

If I was the one dealing with this, I'd figure out one or 2 major lines that could operate as a light-rail-like-tram and leave those/tweak them to run more like a major through route, and downgrade the others to act as smaller feeder trams or delete them altogether. I still feel at least 2 light-rail-ish lines is reasonable for Darsons as shown by Canadian cities of similar size.

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale about 1 month ago

I think the pages for deletion category page crashed lol

Added Eredum about 1 month ago

Oh. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding then Maxine. My bad and my apologies

Added Eredum about 1 month ago

Other than that, for future mapping in territories where you're allowed to map, I'd just give the same advice I gave Edalia on the other post- take a look at some real life towns and places on OpenStreetMap and get a feel for how things tend to look in towns and how to go about mapping them.

North Valenburg about 1 month ago

My biggest recommendation would be to look at some real life towns and places on OpenStreetMap and get a feel for how things tend to look in towns and how to go about mapping them. For a town that size maybe look at places like this.

There's also the issue of the fact the town is smack dab in the middle of a rainforest, but that obviously wasn't your fault and fixing it will be a bit more complicated so that's something someone more experienced would probably have to fix anyhow

Added Eredum about 1 month ago

Hi, Maxine,

I apologize for the harshness of some of my peers in the last post, but what some of them were trying to explain is that your city is mapped in a country you're not allowed to edit in. Malkotland is an owned country, and as a new mapper you're supposed to start off in one of the "blue" countries, or free-to-edit countries, until you've mapped for a while (minimum 7 days) and gotten a feel for OGF how it works and improve a tad. The admins explain it here a little clearer: OGF:About_OpenGeofiction

I hope you understand, and happy mapping!


I wish about 1 month ago

N&S Tarrion are an interesting juxtaposition against the much better crafted Tarrion

Developing a new capital: Brig about 1 month ago

Hey, Jumboo,

The center part looks good so far! I like the details you're doing with the historic area. However I think your scale might be off by just a little bit. Things feel- maybe one or two zooms too big in size. I might be wrong though so I'd get a second opinion.

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood about 1 month ago

I do agree that this is a great idea and would fit quite nicely in AR120.

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood about 1 month ago

I did a little bit of this with Lollywood in Laneston, Freedemia home to Casey Brothers, Intergalactic Studios, and Betterview Pictures, but it's more of a niche version known especially for family/clean movies.

What's This? about 2 months ago

Yep. If this is the same one I'm thinking of, Tauhon moved to AR120 to become a state. That's probably the remnants of Jundah you're seeing

My new city; Ville de Desirs. 3 months ago

My one recommendation would be to consider dropping "Town" from Persil Town and just making it Persil. I don't think Persil is a problematic name- I know of the detergent but would have never thought of it if stjur didn't mention it, and Persil sounds like a fine town name to me. I do think though that sometimes throwing "town" or "city" on the end almost makes it sound less realistic. But that's just my thoughts.

Random Names 3 months ago

I'm thinking a severe misspelling of "redeemed" that was written like 'Reedemed Land' or something in Alexander Quentins' writings when he first discovered Freedemia? Explorers weren't always that educated and it seems likely that based on the time period (mid 1500s) spellings and writings might have been a bit different. Not to mention it could partially explain Reeds state having its name too, with the area originally being known as Reedemed and then eventually losing the "emed" through time

Random Names 3 months ago

I wonder if Freedemia, having a Christic and Ingerish heritage, could have originated its name from a mistake from butchering "Free and Redeemed"

Bus Line in Rhododactylia: {1 & 1X} Ocean Park - Black Mud Heights Line (Local & Express Service) 4 months ago

Definitely interesting and well thought out! I'm just- a bit unsure if logistically if it will get the users it needs to serve if the stops are largely in the opposite country than the majority of the population (unless areas surrounding it in Rhododactylia just aren't mapped yet). Like, Eastport AFB, Most of Ocean Park's population, almost all of Black Mud Heights, etc are on the wrong side of the border to be served well by this route.

Like it kinda feels like unless there are very open borders here that people can cross freely and more Rhdododactylian cities yet to be mapped, this might work better on the Wintanian side of the border running from Manchester to Black Mud Heights via Ocean Park. But you probably don't have control over Wintania so that wouldn't be something you'd be able to do...

Trans-Ulethan Railway 5 months ago

From what I recall from past discussions, the biggest issue is coordination. Large scale projects like transcontinental railways and highway systems become unrealistic and the scope quickly gets out of hand. There's also the fact that there are almost always several nations that are either ownerless and can't be modified or that aren't on board with the plan because it differs from their own goals.

The best way to achieve something like this would probably be just to coordinate with your neighbors about connecting to each other. Maybe eventually if enough people do that it will grow out organically to eventually be transcontinental (i feel like the similar systems in real life started similarly). But it probably wouldn't work to try to master plan something like that.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 6 months ago

Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy mapping to all!

Let's get some details in Mauruistien, huh? 6 months ago

Your nature mapping is amazing!!! I love it! Great work.

(On a side note though, it might be a good idea to try to make the buildings in downtown a bit more orthogonal/orderly, since structurally and space wise it's really unlikely you'll find a bunch of completely irratic random shapes when right angles work better almost universally :P)

How terrorism is in OGF? 6 months ago

@Alessa the impression I have gotten (I had also wondered about this when working with the old Woolonia before the project stopped and changed drastically) is that it was helpful in generating the overall feel of a country that would be more likely to deal with these types of attacks, which would inform the mapping. That is assuming we're not talking about rare terror-like incidents in major cities, which may be less intertwined in the mapping detail than in a country prone to having terror-like conflict. I'm not sure about specifics though