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How terrorism is in OGF? 7 months ago

@Alessa the impression I have gotten (I had also wondered about this when working with the old Woolonia before the project stopped and changed drastically) is that it was helpful in generating the overall feel of a country that would be more likely to deal with these types of attacks, which would inform the mapping. That is assuming we're not talking about rare terror-like incidents in major cities, which may be less intertwined in the mapping detail than in a country prone to having terror-like conflict. I'm not sure about specifics though

Four year anniversay 7 months ago

Congrats, Sarepava! Your advice and tips have helped me a lot in my own mapping, and as a whole I think you've been a great part of the community that indirectly helped OGF get where it is today. Happy fourth anniversary!

And thanks for the shout-out :D

Is there an OGF equivalent of Greek Life? 8 months ago

Thanks, Luciano. That part never occurred to me XD (I know little to nothing about frats and sororities other than the fact that most of them at my campus don't end well) That's a pretty good point, and it gives me the chance to reshape what that means in Freedemia without it having the problems that real life frats and sororities have. Perhaps I'll do something like Fraternal and Sororal Honors Communities or something, where each one is more of an honor society group.

Mysterious shortcuts in ID Editor 8 months ago

Those are actually some really helpful points, Yuanls, thanks. I rarely touch iD anymore since I got the hang of Potlatch 2 but these functions might come in handy until I have time to learn JOSM.

Mapper's Challenge #15 - November 2017 - Keep Clean and Stay Pretty 8 months ago

Thanks, @Alessa! Slowly trying to do more into integrate nudism/naturism into Freedemia's culture, especially since it's one of the biggest things that makes it's culture unique. Glad you like the idea!

How to find the user here? 8 months ago

Do you mean how to find someone from the wiki here on the main site to message them?

Well, the only thing that comes to mind is:

If the person has posted on the wiki, Figure out the guy's name from the wiki, and where he or she maps

Find that place on the map and click history

Click the person's name

Mapper's Challenge #15 - November 2017 - Keep Clean and Stay Pretty 8 months ago

My big entry (mapped today) is the Nudepaint Boutique in Downtown Quentinsburgh.

Some backstory on what it is and how it fits into Freedemian culture:

Freedemia, being an equatorial country, has uniquely developed a culture where naturism and nudity for comfort is very common and normal, and where the body isn't seen as inappropriate or obscene. While this culture is most prominent in the farther north beach cities of Laneston and Vandover, Quentinsburgh somewhat shares this culture, and naturism, social/public nudity, and bodypainting are pretty much normal and common. As such, there are often communal spaces for things like nude fashion and bodypainting.

Nudepaint Botique is essentially almost the equivalent of a joint grooming/salon/clothes and accessory shop, but centered around bodypainting and nude fashion instead.

So Nudepaint Botique is separated into a number of smaller spaces:

  • The main indoor space is the namesake Boutique. This area is largely where people can come to get the talented artists and stylists who work there to paint clothes or designs on their bodies. There's spaces for painting on clothes, spaces for different types of abstract designs, a space for choosing other accessories such as hats, flowers, ribbons, socks, etc, as well as a hair salon/barber shop for those who want to get a complete style going. Most of these spaces are facing the street with large windows, though some spaces are facing inward for those less comfortable with the window booths.

  • There's also a Bodypaint and Fashion Shop (the space with the art shop symbol). This shop is largely for those who aren't trying to be professionally styled, and who just want to paint themselves (or have a friend or family member paint them). In addition to the accessories the Boutique offers, the shop sells all different types and colors of bodypaint for buyers to choose from.

  • Selfpaint Plaza is the outdoor space inside and around the building. It serves as the primary space for people who are choosing to paint themselves to just have a fun bodypainting day outside. It's actually open to the public (though with limitations on loitering and such), and sometimes hosts little body painting festivals or events.

  • There's a small overflow space indoors for more Selfpainting, especially for in the case of rain. This space also has the bathrooms and showers for Selfpaint Plaza.

Having the boutique booths have street facing windows and the plaza face outward are partially to help advertise the boutique- not for any inappropriate context, since said context doesn't really exist as much in Freedemia, but just because people often walk by and are like "that looks like good clean fun! We should try it sometime."

The building itself is 2 stories tall, with the exception of the Selfpaint overflow part.

Places like this are far more common and often larger in the cities of Laneston and Vandover, where nudism/naturism and things like body painting are more popular and engrained in the culture of the city. Nudepaint Botique is currently one of the only places of this sort in Quentinsburgh, though more are soon to come with more chain-like places such as Vandover's BoPa Outlet planning on opening soon in Quentinsburgh area malls.

(I considered mapping a couple similar places in Laneston and Vandover, but I wasn't far enough along with Laneston and Vandover to feel happy with putting something for a mapping challenge there yet.)

As a final note on the culture, there are no person expectations (except general cleanliness) surrounding the nudist culture of Freedemia, since all bodies are seen as naturally beautiful and choices like shaving are left up to the individual and seen as a form of expression.

I'd like to ask: 8 months ago

I didn't realize we were discussing the entire road sign set up XD so here's an actual picture of one of the designed motorway signs using Roboto font (Google Drawings- not sure if the font exists in other programs). The signs are mostly based on US signage, but with a white and gold color scheme inspired by some proposals I'd seen for redoing the U.S. system. I was honestly inspired a lot by Paroy's, but I've found it difficult/tedious to do that level of graphic design. I tend to just focus on the maps and trying to make it envision what's in my head

Freedemian Highway signs

I'd like to ask: 8 months ago

(And @stjur, to be fair, every time a new mapper posts about their mapping and asks about it, everyone shoots them down and says "don't fill up the diaries" or "my notifications" or "make a bliki" which when the few DO make a bliki most people don't tend to look at/comment anyway-

so I feel like we've actually discouraged asking questions about their work to the point that if we're not going to make it open for the User Diaries to be a good place for newer mappers to ask actual questions about mapping, we really can't complain when people aren't asking questions and improving ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

I'd like to ask: 8 months ago

I've largely been using Roboto in the designs I've made for street signs but part of that is the limitation of Google Docs' fonts- so either Roboto or Gill Sans

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? 8 months ago

Maybe I should make a special light for buses and trolleys (insert thinking emoji) hmmm

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? 8 months ago

Finally, a use for this image! It's been sitting in the wiki for a while. XD So in most cases, for major intersections, Freedemia has a unique nationwide system with their streetlights that applies to most areas.

Freedemian Street Sign

The lights themselves tend to be vertical, but are almost always attatched underneath a horizontal pole, which holds the larger streetsign. The pole setup and length, as well as the overall design, vary from area to area, but burgundy or green metal are pretty common throughout the city.

As for the streetsign itself, to create a sort of uniformity nationwide it's made so that it's always easy to tell where you are. The city name (or if outside of a city, the state name), the national flag, and the city seal/logo if applicable are all prominently featured on the sign.

(Some have debated in the past whether including the flag on all major street signs was too patriotic/nationalistic- but as of today the practice is still the default and streetsigns are expected to match the national standard.)

I imagine the streetsigns to be lit at night, likely by small lights shining on it from either above or the sides.

A lot of the inspiration, especially in shape, size of the street sign part, and the color of the metal, came from some of the unique streetlights/streetsigns I saw living back in Phoenix, Arizona:

Arizona Street signs 1

Arizona Street signs 2

Pedestrian lights would probably be somewhere between the following:

Streetlight with stick figures and bikes

American style

The bike part would be slowly becoming more prominent due to the increasing amount of bike usage through the city. But overall, I'd imagine red stop sign with black hand up for "Don't walk", a green person walking for "Walk", and an flashing orange stop sign with black hand up for "wait/hurry/finish crossing", along with a pedestrian countdown clock. Maybe I'll design it soon.

Blöndel, the nordic city 9 months ago

*roads/rails with jagged curves and straight line interstate exits take a bit away from the realism of it

darn typos XD

Blöndel, the nordic city 9 months ago

Not bad! It's definitely starting to shape up. The first thing that comes to mind overall looking at what you've mapped in the rest of the city is just that it will help your mapping look much nicer if you smooth out your curves a bit more. I struggled with this a lot too (and still do at times)- roads/rails with jagged curves, and straight line interstate exits take a bit away from the realism of it. Blondel looks pretty good for a start already, but smoothed curves and slightly more articulated buildings could take your existing mapping to the next level. :)

Weekly Word; Hot Challenge 10 months ago

To clarify, Penny Pepper's is the building between Peters Street (pedestrian) and James Street, and the memorial directly across James Street by the trolley stop is the simplistic memorial.

Weekly Word; Hot Challenge 10 months ago

A sort of minor double submission:

Across the street from each other in downtown, I created: -The "Penny Pepper's Gourmet SpicyBurgers'" restaurant, a popular eatery for Freedemians who live on the hot side and go really extreme with the spicey foods, including gourmet large burgers and other food made especially spicy, and: -on a more serious/somber note, a memorial outside Quentinsburgh Union Station for the victims of the Union Station Fire of 1939. The fire wasn't extremely devastating to the building, but spreading out onto one of the platforms at rush hour and with one then-wooden platform collapsing, about 5 people were killed. The small monument was erected in memory of those who'd died.

Unfortunately, the area is so small that the names of both don't render on the map... sigh

Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 10 months ago

Kind of a lackluster entry, I suppose...but here goes XD

My entry is the center part of a small unincorporated "town" on a barrier island off the coast of Haroldsburgh.

Originally placed there in the 1980s with growing tourism, with the hope that the barrier isle would become a major tourist attraction, the beach ended up remaining surprisingly isolated. The small Barrier Isle "Town Center", as they call it, is the hub of the area, home to a library, post office, some shops and a very small supermarket, and a gas station and StarBurgers. Concerns about flooding and rising sea levels may have contributed to there being such a small population living there, as this particular barrier isle is lower than most of the others and the Barbosa Bridge (one of only 2 ways on and off the island) frequently shuts down due to flooding. (I plan on drawing more homes though, just at a later time)

Suggestions for next week- INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS or RESIDENTIAL

Restaurant Chains? 10 months ago

Yep! The link Eklas gave you has a pretty good list of all sorts of businesses you can use.

I'm the creator of StarBurgers (started as a Freedemian company), and it seems like it's been unofficially adopted as sort of an OGF replacement for McDonald's, so if you're specifically looking for a McDonald's replacement, feel free to use StarBurgers

Mapper's Challenge #13 - September 2017 - Showing Culture 11 months ago

Ooh, I get a chance to revisit the art district i tried to start in Downtown Quentinsburgh. I like it!

Weekly Word #12 11 months ago

I'd like to submit as my entry to the contest. Essentially, it's the remains of a small native village on the edge of Lake Melleredell (which roughly translates into Mallard Dell, since the lake is located in a small valley surrounded by mountains and is known to be home to a very large amount of Freedemian Mallards. The influence from after the Melleredell people began to interact with settlers is evident on the map, but a lot of it is still the ancient remains, including the unidentified circle of monoliths. The large building near the "village square" intersection used to act as a sort of village meeting hall. The grassy area would also act as an extension of the village, as a meeting place, as well as where fishers and duck hunters would go to set up to try to get food from the fish and ducks of the lake.