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Here is a summary of the natural features of Exintor, in words: In the North, the Bowling and Purple Xint rivers, along with Boxers’ Lake, all come together in the centre of the Northern Exintor Plains. These plains are interrupted by two deserts, the Fobron and the Tsix, but they keep going south. In the meantime they turn into hilly meadows. Eventually, the hills settle back down into the Southern Exintor plains. With these come the four mountain ranges, the Onteñor, Horshoe, Northern and Southern, which spring the magnificent Xint, Opal, Morris, Prishyerzo, Malstirro, Bowling and Playindo rivers with themselves bring lush forests to the land. And with these forests and rivers comes lakes and areas to settle in, with the marvellous cities of Greater Xint/Fort Saunders, Lotus City, Kavilstrin, Mockalitzt, Nationalistm-bnça, Whomuz, Laketown, Loblers, Educaça, Gardeniopol, Tlisiopol, Kumplas and Montinills.