Mapper since: July 21, 2020

I’m just a mapper in Beginner in Exintor. Cities created in Blue Territories:
* Excitement City
* New Gerry
* Newsgoin
Small towns created in Blue Territories:
* Borton

General Facts About Exintor (just to assist my mapping) Exintor, or the Socialist Empire of Kavilstra and Savalizxt, is a “country” on the “continent” of Beginner. Slavery is still widespread. The absolute monarch acts like a dictator. Exintor is also full-on communist. Its subdivisions work a bit like the Soviet Union. Exintor is based largely on the Xint River. This river continues into a trench under the ocean on what is still continental shelf, dumps large amounts of sand onto Collins Island, and continues into the Outer Xint River. Exintor’s capital, Xint, is located right on the rather small delta of the Inner Xint River.

The nearby city of Kavilstrin is similar to Dubai in that it has enormous coastline expansion projects. The projects are, from north to south, the New Imperial Exintor History Museum, the OpenGeofiction Islands, the Universe Islands and the borough of Linearity City. Rebellions have started in recent times about the communist absolute monarchist “empire”…

Oh yeah, the Imperial Palace is HUGE.

Here is a list of large cities: * Lotus City, Ingerish Xint and Krobanker, Savaalizxt

  • Kibolis, Savaalizxt

  • Kibint, Savaalizxt

  • Saavalia, Great Old Savaal, Savaalizxt and Newbronville, Kavilstra

  • Xint (capital)

  • Kavilstrin, Kavilstra

  • Çircuesta, Kavilstra

  • Miracle City, Savaalizxt

  • Mockalizxt, Savaalizxt

  • East Simpson Island, Simpson Islands

  • Zircondia Nyiryasto, Simpson Islands

  • Zircondia Megurbañza, Simpson Islands

  • Caterpillar Island, Whomperia

  • Whomuz, Whomperia

  • Zetaville, Whomperia

  • Laketown, Opal River

  • Loblers, Whomperia