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Leaving the site about 1 month ago

Good luck!

New FSA State Idea about 2 months ago

Hi! I help coordinate the eastern part of the FSA.

That New Carnaby page is pretty outdated (I need to get around to cleaning it up). But it is true that the state uses a lot of New Jersey influences. It depends on what area of New Jersey you’d like to take inspiration from, but as owner of Effinger County and northern Creading County (which take a lot of inspiration from suburban New Jersey) I might be willing to give you a town or village to work on.

If you’d like a larger area to work with, we could work on finding a Eustacia county for you, though that’s inspired by the American South.

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM 6 months ago

Also remember to download openwebstart ( if you’re doing the .jnlp version! Otherwise Josm won’t open.

Wiki fixed? 8 months ago

Based on conversations with other mappers, it seems like the wiki is actually fixed. It’s pretty cool, I could actually get around to fixing up my Arghenna page.

Stanton Partial Redo 8 months ago

Portopolis, I overheard CharlieG was going to start work on Weybirton County soon- he claimed it a while back. I feel like mapping Ox Island could be really fun once things get rolling.

Stanton Partial Redo 9 months ago

I’ll be happy to help out with neighborhood detailing once things get rolling!

You’d figure the different counties would have to be rearranged with the new hydrology, too.

A new place 10 months ago

Oh, I’m sorry about that.

A new place 10 months ago

Ohesia is a german language collaborative anyway, I’d reccomend moving to a blue territory- maybe Michisaukee, FSA if you’re willing to loose the coast in exchange for being in an American style territory. I could help with that, if you want.

A Statement from Concerned Community Members regarding Recent Mapping in Port Massehanee 10 months ago

With its location at the head of the Alormen River, Port Massehanee has a lot of importance to the FSA project. It’s kind of analogous to our New Orleans, though it could certainly pull from many influences. Seeing it end up as a generated grid with huge curves (almost spaghetti-like), changes in road names every few blocks, and unnatural buildings was honestly a mild disappointment. Not to mention that the pre-existing rail infrastructure at the port, which I really think gave the city some character, got deleted.

BUT- It’s definitely getting better. The broad curves that really made everything seem off are mostly gone, though if you zoom in you’ll see they’re still there as somewhat awkward transition areas.

What do I think of generated mapping? Well, I think in small amounts, it can work fine and ease a difficult process. One can develop a few patterns of row houses and mix them up to create city blocks. But this has to be balanced with creativity.

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook (December 2020 update) about 1 year ago

It varies for me.

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook about 1 year ago

Has anyone recommended posting this on User Diaries regularly?

I am terribly sorry over 1 year ago

Lol it’s fine, a lot of people make that same mistake. I’m not an admin but i could go in and delete it or move it to a blue country

it's not over yet over 1 year ago

If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t forget about you. What was mapped in Riopoderos and Huntington was superb. And I definitely understand your position as a teen on OGF- I’m 16, and before contacting other people on here I felt like an outsider.

Hillsbria looks nice so far, though I’m not extremely knowledgeable about how rivers form and the like. I heard the Chesapeake Bay is supposed to be the remains of a meteor strike, malformed after millions of years. So that’s something to think about.

About a Virginia like state- Natrinia and Wilthamshire are vacated now. But I’m not sure if that’s what you want.

However, my state Arghenna is largely Virginia and Mid-Atlantic inspired, especially in the east. If you want to map on OGF in a casual manner, I’d be open to you mapping in my tertitory.

Feedback on Lucien City over 1 year ago

I’m guessing these grids are gonna be subdivided?

Loads of available time over 1 year ago

Well… school is out for the next month, so I’ll certainly have free time. I’m planning on getting some work in Arghenna done, particularly with the coastal regions and on the border with New Carnaby. I’ll also be practicing for my upcoming Piano Recital (I’m doing another Scriabin peice).

My eyes almost 2 years ago

Man, those interchanges look so much better.

Changing of histor-style - the 2nd almost 2 years ago

Otherwise, I’m agreeing with whateversusan- make everything a bit less bright (mainly the yellow and pink), but keep the style unique.

Changing of histor-style - the 2nd almost 2 years ago

I’m fine with the new garden color, btw.

Update histor-style 1-2020 almost 2 years ago

iiearth pretty much summed up what i thought. I’ll recommend a color later today if you’d like.

Update histor-style 1-2020 almost 2 years ago

To be honest, the new garden color is a bit uneasy on the eyes.