Mapper since: May 01, 2020

20s / Female / UK

My name’s Ashley, but you can refer to me as Halvarda.

I speak: English, Lithuanian.

Minor knowledge: Swedish > German >= Russian > Finnish >= Latvian > Estonian. Ya know, for conlang purposes.

I will get my stuff back to the new wiki eventually, but for now, some of the links below are outdated or broken.

  • OGF Wiki: personal page
  • Fascinated by maps since birth Making amateur fiction maps since 2010
  • More advanced maps since ~2017
  • Basic OSM experience before OGF
  • Failed Geomatics BSc twice due to health issues 😭

Owner of the KeMerIg countries:

Current focus:

  • Detailed topographic map of my countries done in the above-linked style
  • Remapping and detailing different areas as their topography nears completion
  • KeMerIg history; Tulla’s history / Historic detailing, and resketching of Tulla