Surged or Plunged? Tan Kong Island is the best place for financial adventure

Posted by Hilsonbergman on 16 July 2021 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

Have mapped a lot in recent days, and I would take a break for other issue. But before that, I would like to present Tan Kong Island, my recent work.

It is just a grand planning, no details. I will finish the tram and metro system when I'm back. I know someone would say the island is a plagiarism of real world Hong Kong Island but I would not agree. It is just a homage. To be honest, yes, Tan Kong has carried many of my childhood memories, some places on the island looks similar to somewhere on Hong Kong Island before 1997 but has became history for some reasons, reconstruction, reclamation etc. I think this is my way to say goodbye to the city I born, I grew up and beloved. There are also some features only exists in my imagination such as a oil refinery plant which the idea comes from New Jersey. It provides job for Tan Kong's working class and balance the economic structure.

However Tan Kong is still the home of Tan Kong Stock Exchange, and multiple commodity futures. Most financial activities gather at Intown, Ha Wan Tsai, Naval, and Yau Wan. If there is any multinational company wants to set up headquarter, regional headquarter, just let me know by message, I will map them.

I will stop here. Happy mapping!

Location: 23.129, 155.986

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