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Site Maintenance for Server Migration 12 months ago

AMAZING. Finally OGF will work perfectly again. I wish that the coastline render problem gets fixed in the new server :) 🙂🙂

San Juan Topo Layer about 2 years ago

Well, it isn’t for this month contest but you are right

San Juan Topo Layer about 2 years ago

Ah Thank You Charlie. I hope Thilo is ok

OGF Population Race Thread II over 2 years ago

Kofuku Growth: Betwen 1950 and 1990 kofuku passed from 8 millions to 11 millions, and betwen 1990 and 2019 it aumented to 13 millions, in 2017 it stabilized in arround 13 millions

What should I do with Southlink over 2 years ago

I think that the “Riverside Express” & “South link” connection in unreal. Mostly because is too little distance betwen the conections and the river shore. In a real city that connection that tunnel should be very deep.

Foreign investment #2 over 3 years ago

Can i edit in the block on top of the Auronian Lighthouse? Which style are you thinking, skycrapers, big offices, residence. Or I can make it complete free?

OGFIFA World Cup 2018 over 3 years ago

I think it is a good idea

My New Country! over 3 years ago

I have a question. I have been editing in blue countries since 14 of october 2018 and asked the admin many times to get a territory and it didnt reply to me. Do you think i should send another territory request message?

Discord over 3 years ago

Hey, The invitation expired send a new one. I have discord and im really active.