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Main creator of Magonia, Pipe Bay, Garsenon (future) areas in Duvar, and Lindenville in Meredy Prefecture of Rhododactylia. The state that Lindenville is placed in does not seem to have a capital city for now, so would be a surprise if this does get to at least a regional capital.


Where I Am Working At

I am currently working at Lindenville in Meredy Prefecture as of July 2, 2020. Making and developing major cities is my primary goal to help the community. My new focus is Lindenville in western Meredy Prefecture in far western Rhododactylia.

Can Anyone Add to These Areas?

Yes, everyone and new users certainly can help build my projects, making the projects part of theirs too.

Proposing Routes

I have proposed a road network for just the Lindenville area.

Focus Projects

Expectations are the focus remains Lindenville for some time.


I am the creator of this area, at least the guy who started it.