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What to do with city... 9 months ago

Yes, indeed. But I just need ideas on where to start, as well as what to do...

I have districts or "communities" all planned out, they're somewhat small, but comparable to the urban areas in my city

Further Work on Lafort 12 months ago

Maybe add more buildings? Idk I think its decent. Maybe the roads could become a little more suburban?

Mappers, please check my scale 12 months ago

Great thank you!

Town Blocks 12 months ago

Thank you

Coming back to OGF (again (again)) 12 months ago

Tbh I feel like I'm in the same boat with you. Wanting to map, doing it, losing interest for a while, and then restarting. I think it's perfectly fine. Sometimes you just need some time to back away and generate more ideas, or even take a break from mapping for a while. That's ok too.

Possible recreation on OGF about 1 year ago

Thanks for all the replies!

Please check my scale about 2 years ago

Thank you very much!

Deleting everything in my new country and starting over again about 2 years ago

The problem here is that I don't have JOSM. I only use the in-browser editors....

Copying others' mapping about 2 years ago

How do I create an account for editing the wiki?

Copying others' mapping about 2 years ago

I will also leave a traditional chinese variation of the page.

Problem with Editing over 2 years ago

Thanks for the comments. I did try to do the things that you all commented. I zoomed in all the way but I still can't find the edit button for some reason...

Update on Lunaris almost 3 years ago

I named the cliffs with the [INSERT ROMAN NAME HERE]

The cliff by the beach will be Oranius hill (Coming from Ora meaning edge) The cliff that surrounds the castle will be The Cliff of Castra (Coming from Castra meaning castle)

Update on Lunaris almost 3 years ago

K I will start naming the roads. Could I get some ideas?

Update on Lunaris almost 3 years ago

:O OH MY GOSH, YOU ALL ARE DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB!!! I haven't been editing for a week, and this is the first time I saw the town like this. Wow, you all have been pretty busy. It's amazing to see everyone working so hard on this project.

Sorry almost 3 years ago


Sorry almost 3 years ago



Sorry almost 3 years ago



Ingerish vs Inglish vs Ingerlish almost 3 years ago

I use Ingerish

Marie City almost 3 years ago


Sorry almost 3 years ago

And my computer glitched out again

  • disappointed sigh *

why must u do dis to me, computer? WHY?!