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Hot Springs area 12 months ago

I'm still trying to figure things out, as per relations. I'm trying to add a island into the lake, but I'm fairly confused about it. I don't want to redo the lake, but I fear I may7 have to.

Hot Springs area 12 months ago

"In the middle of wilderness? No café? No restaurant? No hotel? No outdoor swimming?"

In national parks in the US, it's illegal to swim in hot springs (exception of Hot Springs NAtional Park in Arkansas, but that's an unusual case.)

There are many hot springs areas in the US park system without major amenities: Norris Geyser Basin, and the Mud Volcano area in Yellowstone; Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park for two

As for a lodge area, there's one further down the road. As for earning money there's a park entrance fee, which is collected at the two entrance stations to the north.

EDIT - Starting over about 1 year ago

I was going after the Hoh rainforest area of Olympic National Park, but that doesn't even work well here in retrospect.

Flood? almost 4 years ago

The whole world is.

First Day almost 4 years ago

What are you using to draw? iD Potlatch, JOSM?

Seeing as I do most drawing at place where I cannot install Josm, I use iD and Potlatch. In order to keep scale straight, in view mode I took the scale indicator in the lower left, put a sticky note just above it, and marked the length of 500 fet and so on on a series of notes, and when I draw, I slap the note onto the spot I'm working on my screen.

Dreaming... almost 4 years ago

Ūdilugbulgidħū, I do agree that it's good to imagine in 3-D

Malaperis, Quebertia - opinions? almost 4 years ago

I found looking at other cities helps me with figuring out what to tag something, and that list above is very helpful towards that end as well.

What confused me was that in iD, not all the tags are in the drop down. Most you have to typein.

Malaperis, Quebertia - opinions? almost 4 years ago

I have JOSM installed at home, just don't have a ton of downtime, and when I do use it, I tendto get frustrated.

I plan on designing a small village with only JOSM at some point in the near future as a learning experience

Malaperis, Quebertia - opinions? almost 4 years ago

One other thing, in the Rock Falls area, there's supposed to be a waterfall. How can I indicate this on the map? I did create a point, but it doesn't show up on the view

Proud of a little thing almost 4 years ago

I was down there last fall for the Tour De Shawnee bicycle ride out of Olive Branch. I arrived a day early to go hiking at RimRock and Garden of the Gods. I want to get down to hike the One Horse Gap area.

Multinational chains about 4 years ago

Fascinating information.

I have aretailer that may in the near future be open to other retail locations...

The city of Malaperis - Quebertia's road numbering system about 4 years ago

I have decided the Q- routes will be the primary routes. Still working on ideas for the secondary routes

Please change your JOSM preferences about 4 years ago

That may be what was up with Potlatch...

Please change your JOSM preferences about 4 years ago

I also noticed iD isn't working, and Potlatch2 isn't either.

Suggestions for naming about 4 years ago

So many wikis I have read, so many more to be discovered. Thanks!

Quebertia, a new beginning about 4 years ago

I'veread most of them, not all. I added a few more streets. May adjust again, but I'm really liking how this little resort town I'm building is coming along, moreso than the city I attempted previously..

City finally taking shape about 4 years ago

I hadn't even thought about that. That's not a bad idea.

I think I'll get rid of the bypass (save the spur to the airport) and work with it from there.

Realistic highway interchanges about 4 years ago

I'm delighted that the mess in Chicago (Hillside) named the "Hillside Strangler" was represented. Stay away from that oen any time of day. Aboput 10 years or so ago a ton of money was spent to fix it. It's arguably worse now.

City finally taking shape about 4 years ago


Problems in iD about 4 years ago

Now to find some youtube JOSM tutorials