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A new OGF about 1 year ago

Well OGF is always changing and territories change hands, nations fall and rise as new mappers weave, enter and leave the site at will. It’s not about creating a new map but more about that OGF will always be an amalgamation of new and old mapping with some being a stable of their continent while territories around them change at will. Since it’s a collaborative project I don’t think there’s a need to get a new map, plus there are many territories around OGF yet to be mapped.

"European" Suburbia over 1 year ago

Well it depends on where in Europe you want to portray, in the UK they range from neat lines at equal lengths apart or curvy estates which have weaving streets and gardens etc. Nottingham St Albans In the Netherlands they have some unique designs. Netherlands

Some Eastern European ones work more with straight lines, like this. Warsaw

So it all kind of depends on which type of suburbs you’re looking for

Hope this helps -Intergan

Natural Distasters in Strait of Lyc? almost 2 years ago

I mean Eastern*

Natural Distasters in Strait of Lyc? almost 2 years ago

hmm, I’m not sure about that, although not canon, many countries in the strait of Lyc may not receive as many natural disasters due to discussions based on ocean currents and tectonics on the old wiki.

It would be more likely for tropical storms to curve around the western side of Antarephia alongside any tectonic plate boundaries.

Hope this helps, sincerely, Intergan

Rails Port Open. Happy Mapping! almost 2 years ago

tis workin

How to make national parks? almost 2 years ago

Hello, Here’s some instructions on how to make a national park

  1. create a closed area of where you want your national park to be
  2. tag it as leisure=nature_reserve and also tag name=(name of park)

alternatively you can create a relation 1. create a closed area of where you want your national park to be 2. create a relation and define the closed area as outer within the relation 3. add the following tags to the relation:

type=boundary boundary=national_park protect_class=2 name=(name of park)

Hope this helps!

sincerely, Intergan

New Cities on a New Island almost 2 years ago

Hello, I’ve had a look at your island and it looks nice, although the scale is a bit off. I’d suggest downgrading the place node to a village due to size of it unless you plan on making the island bigger. Also the mainland tunnel is over 18km long which seems unnecessary for an island which could substitute it for a less expensive ferry route.

So overall I’d suggest to try and get inspiration from real life island towns and villages, I see that you are inspiring names by Japan so you can look there. The runway is a little short for international travel, usually they need around 1.8-2.4km long at sea level. I’d also suggest resizing the roads as they are only around 10m apart while the average distance between roads is 70m

Hope this helps!

Sincerely, Intergan