Back and here to stay. +Introduction to Islatramma

Posted by Jamie Clumpas on 1 January 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone! I'm Jamie, and the owner of TA106, AKA Islatramma. I had been operating quite a bit through August and September, maintaining a minimal presence in the forum and dairy, anticipating what has kept me away since then; end of year exams. Now that these are over, I'm ready to really start making a presence in the community and to improve the rate and quality of my mapping.

Now to the good stuff :-)

Islatramma is a tropical nation in eastern Tarephia. The nation has had a history of colonialism and wars, however, the nation is stable, independent and democratic in modern times. Overall, it's style is greatly influenced by Castellanese and Florecentian settlement in its early history. Its modern economy is focused mostly on trading and transhipment, heavy industry (especially oil mining), and science and technology. Aerospace is one of the largest technologies in Islatramma, and I plan on mapping a large space launch complex and facilities for a large aircraft manufacturing conglomerate, Skylink (which is not-so-loosely based on Airbus). I'm happy if you want to use Islatrammese aircraft for your national carriers, too.

That's some of the more important aspects of Islatramma. If you guys have any suggestions or questions, I'd love to hear them.


Location: Suficiencia, Islatramma

Comment from zhenkang on 2 January 2019 at 00:26

Hello! Nice to hear about Islatramma, Can I have an overview of the civil war in its modern history? I wonder if Antigo will be willing to sell nukes or other arms to certain insurgents/factions in your nations. Were there communists/socialists which have controlled the nation for a notable period of time?

Your nation is quite reminiscent of Elhadia which is in Archanta, which has just emerged from a dictatorship.

Antigo will be willing to trade with Islatramma. In recent years, in the pursuit of economic development, we have decided to open up our economy a bit.

I will also be happy to open up a Skylink branch in Antigo. Just expect delays and high restrictions though.

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Comment from Jamie Clumpas on 2 January 2019 at 01:03

hey Zhenkang. I appreciate your enthusiasm for selling weapons of mass destruction, however, Islatramma has no intention of having a nuclear arsenal. Not many of the specifics have been ironed out as of yet, but here is the gist of the civil war and coups:

~1910-20: the Government (which had been getting progressively more democratic over the past century) is overthrown, along with the royal family, in a military coup. The coup was orchestrated over concerns that the recently elected government would lead the nation to communism. A fascist dictator is installed, and the country is almost completely cut off from the outside world

~1945-1960: Using the nephew of the now executed pre-coup prince as a figurehead, a revolution is incited in southern Islatramma. The group tends to have public support, however, the move north is slow, mostly due to fascist government's expansive military infrastructure. The revolutionary force liberates the final areas in Islatramma after 2~3 years. A democratic government is set up, and the position of prince(ss) is left as a 'Guardian of democracy.' The country is opened with a free market economy and large-scale social welfare programs.

I doubt that any Islatrammese company would be allowed to trade with a totalitarian state like yours, however, it may be considered if some sort of 'democratic expansion' program is in place.

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Comment from zhenkang on 2 January 2019 at 01:17

Lol. Ok, forget about nukes then. Still, as part of economic reforms, we still are willing to open up our economy for foreign nations, as long as it benefits the people and the regime.

I wonder if the country is still plagued with problems such as corruption, and sometimes poor infrastructure in certain parts of the country. The nation can imitate RW Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia in terms of history and governance.

I thought of possible in its early years while the government is still free and democratic, nothing much has been done to improve the lives of the citizens. Corruption is prevalent, and the government start splitting up our left vs right policies. Maybe in its later years, there will be a leader similar to Sukarno. Read up on who he is.

A fascist leader reminds me of Suharto or General Franco in Spain. Probably at this time, there will be no relations with Antigo, since our political ideologies are different (we are socialists).

I expect our relations to start only from 1990s onwards.

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Comment from zhenkang on 2 January 2019 at 01:40

And oh, I just read that your nation is interested in aerospace. Well, the Tarephia Cooperation Council are planning some space programme:

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Comment from Jamie Clumpas on 2 January 2019 at 08:03

Yeah that was me

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Comment from louis_walker on 5 January 2019 at 19:28

Welcome to the continent! But please don't say this is going to be another Tarephian nation that just pretends nothing happened before the Ulethan colonizers arrived. Pretty please? :)

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Comment from Jamie Clumpas on 6 January 2019 at 01:19

Absolutely not. But, I don't have much backstory for what others have already developed about natives in the region, if you have any?

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