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Stereotypes of Your Country 9 days ago

Garzibania, Everyone is angry in the work but happy in free time, Everyone likes watermelon and coconuts, They work half of their day and the other half is free time. They are very bad at chess. Thats a garzibani stereotype and like half i said was just false

Mapper's Challenge #21 — June 2018 — Let's Eat about 1 month ago

I maked some farms, ugh also

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale about 2 months ago

@Ernestpcosby lmao

Exciting updates in AR120... 2 months ago

Option 11 Looks like a friend PFP

Yay! 2 months ago

Welp, there is a lot of things you missed: 1. The "city" is in Malkotland .. 2. There is a super-void .__. 3. What im supposed to eedback? .____.

New settlers arrived and are applying for a piece of land ! 2 months ago

Macedonia has 50+ provinces, and is very little ._.

What's This? 2 months ago

Maybe its the coco bridge

What's This? 2 months ago

@oneofbeatlefan Or maybe the OGF Silk road

Klausburg: Becoming a big city 3 months ago

I dont like it... I LOVE IT, very good. Only more filled and it will look like a full-realistic city.

AR120 states are now available! Plus, we want your suggestions! 3 months ago

Maybe the biggest city should not be the capital, see NY, Chicago, Austin, Houston, etc, etc, etc. So the "Washington" can be smaller than 4 cities (Suggestion).

New settlers arrived and are applying for a piece of land ! 3 months ago

I mean: Start building some small towns/settlements instead of super cities

New settlers arrived and are applying for a piece of land ! 3 months ago

Welcome, and try to not make metropolis.

My first awfulness 3 months ago

Well, id recommend using JOSM, since you can create auto-grids (See some argentinan places for reference)

Loken Regional Airport 3 months ago

I never noticed nothing about the odessa airport.

Also, try to not make super-small airports, or forest-covered airports. Downgrade streets, airports usually have hangars and some grass, terminals with shops and other type of commercial points. Notice that by the way, is very hard to draw an airport, and the last thing you should do building a city is an airport. And also, Aiports are some far away of cities (Your airport is good positionated, there is not problem in that). But i'd recommend taking RW airports for inspiration.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 3 months ago

Prepare for OGF chernobyl.

An island 3 months ago

Really?, A floating city?, wow, so realistic.

An island 3 months ago


Random Names 4 months ago

Thanks, also when visiting wiki, i noticed that many people is putting etymology after posting this.

A new Pogreenia 4 months ago

I recommed not doing a disaster with the name like me, hehe. Also when think in a name, make an etymology for them.

Le feedback 4 months ago

Very good mapping, It feels like a real OSM map.