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Time of edit 7 months ago

A proposal for blue countries. 9 months ago

I don't see a point in describing details of blue countries on the wiki, they will always be under constant change, Commonia in particular. The other smaller blues have somehow developed a specific theme like Midistland (German-Spanish) and Drull (Dutch) and maybe Gobrassanya.

Commonia in particular is there to serve as the tutorial zone for new mappers and you cannot just force all new mappers to map in Chinese to fit the theme of the country, they would get disinterested and will leave.

I don't think blue countries should have anything on their wiki pages besides basic information (symbols, data and the geographical introduction).

I must change the configuration of Adalia? 9 months ago

Yes, change it. Hispanic (Castellanese) in the south and English (Ingerish) in the south.

Happy New Year! 9 months ago

Happy new year to everyone on OpenGeofiction! I wish you all the best for the 2020s. Greetings from Koescad, Auronia!

Merry Christmas! A question: How can we monetize geofiction? 9 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and everyone in the OGF community.

Speaking of the monetization thingy, it is definitely possible, and that's a fact. However, I doubt anyone here wants this website to become a source of income for them. You can earn money by mapping with the ways you mentioned, but personally. OGF is not ready for that, and I think that OGF should stay as it is. But I partly agree on the redesign of OGF. It can get a new look for sure.

OGF Population Race Thread II 10 months ago

Everyone, instead of flooding this user diary, why don't you all add or update this page? I think it will be easier not only for CartographerKing, but for everyone else on OpenGeofiction.

OGF Population Race 10 months ago

Damn. That is great work. However due to the nature of OGF, the statistics are already out of date.

Which boundary tag value is for a country? 11 months ago

That's an owned territory, so you are not allowed to map there without permission. You can however move your edits to the country just next to it - Gobrassanya.

If you have the permission to edit there, it's fine then.

Is my country a collabaritive 11 months ago

You can ask your region's coordinator to change the status of your territory to collaborative, if you want to.

constitution I 11 months ago

Here is one idea if you want to introduce the constitution to OpenGeofiction. When (and if) you get your territory, and map for a while and have some mapping in your country, you can make a file with the constitution, and put it into the OpenGeofiction Encyclopedia. Like an old damaged paper with the constitution on it. Therefore, you would be saving up space, you would avoid spamming, and also make your country's wiki page more detailed and interesting.

Happy mapping!

constitution I 11 months ago

1) Decent article, but it's maybe not suitable to put it into the user diaries.

2) Avoid real life name like Paris, and maybe even the name Atlantia is too similar to the Atlantic Ocean.

3) Finally, although your work seems impressive and stuff, OpenGeofiction is a mapping website, and we encourage people to slowdown on the 'roleplay' content, and focus on mapping. Although nobody can forbid you to roleplay with your nation, it's not recommended to do it here.

Happy mapping!

Feast your eyes on my neighbour's mapping... 11 months ago

No matter how does someone map, don't just insult him in front of everybody. That's not very cool and nice, and you just lowered your "reputation" on OGF.

Moving? 12 months ago

Yes. Contact the admin if you want to. You will have to meet the requirements for the new territory.

Flooding in Archanta? 12 months ago

Welcome to Archanta!

AR045 - South Archanta (south of FSA) 12 months ago

I can help about the Serbo-Croatian part, since I am Serbian myself. But I don't know if I will hive the time to map there. Maybe?

TopoMap about 1 year ago

Thank you for that thilo, very cool!

Anyways yeah, some data is still rendered on outer zooms. Most notably land use. I can see my city's land use (I use mostly residential) from anywhere, but no woodlands, grasslands render or networks.

A mini icebreaker - how do you name your own territory about 1 year ago

Auronia comes from the word Auron, which I thought meant (laurel) wreath.

Need some quick help! over 1 year ago

Ah, I tought the wood area will always overlap the grass areas. Guess the already-complex-to-me multipolygons are causing the problem. If you don't yet know that particular building, I guess I will edit that grass area from scratch

Thanks anyways!

Finally! over 1 year ago

It is better to fill a little territory with much detail than to spam features with a bigger one. My territory is mediocre, so I get pretty much everything balanced in that aspects. Trust me, unless you really think you are capable of mapping big territories - go ahead!, but a smaller or a medium one is the one you should be looking for.

Diplomatic Relations? over 1 year ago

LemonKing, totally. And yes, I noticed you already made it. Thank you for that.