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History of Xochimalta 2 months ago

Thanks Ernest! It will probably take me 1-3 months to finish most of the natural details and start writing the history of Xochimalta.

Question 2 months ago

I had the same question, probabily to avoid territories that be unrealistic.

Something Weird 3 months ago

Oh sorry, I think I was distracted

Something Weird 3 months ago

Oh, You can check it at this link:

Unknow object in the map 3 months ago

I do not know I think that was a error of my computer or a hack from a criminal, Luckily the problem disappeared

Unknow object in the map 3 months ago

Sorry for the inconvenience, the problem has been solved, If admin team want, erase the entry

Site Maintenance for Server Migration 3 months ago

Hi, I forgot the page where it was talking about offline mapping, does anyone know or have the link? plese

help me / ayuda 4 months ago

Yo también tuvé el mismo problema hace tiempo, como dice Tito_zz , es una buena opción revisar Open Street Map , ya que es el mapa del mundo real y así te puedes familiraizar con las medidas reales.

Otro consejo es tomar en cuenta la distribución de carreteras y edificios (cuadras y esquinas adecuadas a las construciones) Además de revisar con frecuencia la barra de medida que está en la parte inferior del monitor para no construir casas de 100 m o muy pequeñas. ( Sinceramente recuerdo cuando realizaba edificios de 500m x 300m lo que era muy irreal)

Lo más importante es ver los varios mapas y complementar tú mapeo (sin copiar) además de cuales medidas son más adecuadas.

Saludos también desde México.

History of Xochimalta 4 months ago

Thank you for your comment everybody , respect Brunater, contact me, i hope to collaborate and establish relations :)

Mapping 3rd World Countries 4 months ago

I believe that Suvuma is blocked. In archanta there are islands, like Alabec territory with african tematic. In this link you can see all territories with their characteristhics: (, If you are not sure, you may ask for a territory to the admin, describing your plan. be patient, probabily admin reply in three days.