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Developing a new capital: Brig about 1 month ago

Hi, Thank you for your comments. Yes, some of the buildings in the northern part of the centre are a little too big, I will rescale them soon. And yes, I have a hand drawn sketch of the city, and it's quite detailed. I'm trying to follow that sketch quite closely. I'm gonna map three low hills just outside the centre, that will shape the rest of the city.

The Megastadium 4 months ago

I'd like to point out that not all stadiums are oval. Look at the majority of British stadiums, for example. Still, this particular stadium looks clearly unfinished.

Brennland: developing the "Alps" 4 months ago

Thank you for your answer! Hopfen habitat has a limit about 1200m high, so it should be ok there. Thanks for the feedback about A1, I'll work hard on that to make it as realistic as possible!

(Sorry if I reply in English, but I don't speak German actually; I'm using it in my map because I love it and I know its main topographic and geographical terms, especially those we use for mountain places).

New territory, new project 5 months ago

Hi! Thanks for your message! The river that I've started drawing is set to flow southward, towards the big lake in the southern part of my territory.

Dominton 6 months ago

Thanks for your advice! I didn't know there was this list, it seems useful! I'm gonna check it!

Dominton 7 months ago

Thank you!

Dominton 7 months ago

Thank you for your feedback Marcello! I'm happy to read that I'm doing well with proportions and measurement, that's an important part of mapping indeed! I was in two minds wether to use or not real-world names. I decided to use them, but I guess that in a fictional world we should use fictional names. I'll change them next time I'll work on the map. Thank you again

Dominton 7 months ago

Thank you zhenkang!