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I need a break. about 1 year ago

Enjoy the break and make sure to take care of yourself.

The year didn't start well for OGF as it seems... over 2 years ago

I really don't get the big deal.

Yes, it's a problem that more time spent on the wiki means less time spent on the map (after all, the whole purpose of OGF is to map) but I also don't think there is anything wrong with extending your creativity and bringing your mapping to life to a certain extent. This "let's boycott making embassies and forget about the wiki" attitude is fairly unnecessary.

Maps blurred on MacBook Pro over 2 years ago

@eleinads Thank you. I tried the enlargement tip, but it unfortunately didn't work.

@Hmaps5678 Thank you. I downloaded Firefox to see if it would resolve the problem, but no luck, unfortunately. I'll keep searching. I think it's something to do with the Retina display but I have no idea how to resolve it.

Maps blurred on MacBook Pro over 2 years ago

@austinhuang I've tried Chrome and Safari.

Embassies in Altbridge over 2 years ago

@mstr Admins had moved my work from a different territory near the equator, and for some reason Aldton Town is now considerably larger.

Embassies in Altbridge over 2 years ago

@zhenkang Wow, I didn't know about that page. Cheers! That would've admittedly saved me time.

Mapper's Challenge #26 — December 2018 — It's all fun and games… over 2 years ago

I think the closest I have is the Hintonian Airways Arena, located here: [].

It's an entertainment arena in the centre of the capital city, Altbridge and is home to the the sports governing body for gymnastics in the country. It arena broke ground in early 2001, and opened its doors on 30 October 2003.

Real life interrupts... about 3 years ago

Good luck, safe flight and hope you have a happy move!

Mapper's Challenge #20 — May 2018 — It's All in the Details about 3 years ago

Here are my entries:

Feedback for Velasco, Las Islas Serenas about 4 years ago

Hi Mr Oobling,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'll be fixing the roads shortly!

Kyle :)

Feedback for Velasco, Las Islas Serenas about 4 years ago

Hi Thunderbird,

Thanks for your comments!

Looking back at the light rail track I do realise that two platforms is unnecessary - nevertheless, I'm pleased that you like the island!

Kyle :)

Feedback for Velasco, Las Islas Serenas about 4 years ago

Hi Portopolis,

Thank you very much for your kind comments! I would love to include tourists from Hoppon, and I'll certainly look into the Seychelles tourism info to help improve.

I'm also aware that there are hardly any hotels on the map - I will add some more of these and I'll be making island resorts part of my country, too.

I'll start looking for a larger second territory soon, but only once I'm fully content with LIS :)

Thank you, once again!