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I sometimes get the same, is it because you're clearing your history? I don't think theres a way to get it back.

Wiki fixed? 17 days ago

I agree, I've seen a drastic change in speed with both the ogf map and the wiki!

Announcing the Bai Project about 2 months ago

I look forward to seeing how this goes! It's great to see some variety in culture instead of a typical European colonial world.

White Ocean 2 months ago

Well I've never seen that before!

Looks like a major case of flooding

Teola 2 months ago

Looks great! Just a quick addition, atm all new diary entries have to have a little message about the blue book.

Please could you embed the link to it? Click on OGF blue book on my diary entry, copy and paste the link and then copy and paste the message.

On the right/bottom depending on device you'll see the way you write a link and text!

Once again though, I'm impressed with your work :)

Suggestions for Bromley City 2 months ago

@PikaDominator thanks! I intend on doing it about half the size of London because my country's size is half the size of the UK.

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! 6 months ago

I take that back again! I've found that it's a bit slow loading to the main page but navigating between pages is very quick!!!

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! 6 months ago

I take that back, it don't work lol

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! 6 months ago

You bloody saviour Tito lmao

Rocket Launched! Cinasia's Space Center 6 months ago

It looks great! Great job!

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook 6 months ago

Good idea, thanks for all your time and effort you've put into this Eklas. And also thanks for giving us a statement from admin about the wiki - it's greatly appreciated!

OGF-Wiki 6 months ago

I think an entry was posted in July because there were problems and everyone else was experiencing the same. I messaged wangi only to be told months later by someone else that nothing can be done unless thilo gives the perms.

I must admit, I am also a bit disappointed in wangi's lack of communication with this problem, all thats needed is just a small diary entry explaining everything and what can and can't be done at this time, especially when I messaged him twice to no reply.

Border Checkpoints 6 months ago

What needs to be considered is the size of the border checkpoint to the size of your country. My country is a very similar size to yours, maybe slightly smaller but mine is the size of Honduras.

Don't make some massive lorry park like the one in Dover, UK, but look at something a bit smaller.

If your country is a main hub for bypassing through like with lorries going from the north to the south then you can look at bigger sizes but only for busy roads like motorways and trunk roads

Tavauru 2.0 - Redesigning the islands 7 months ago

I'm getting vibes of New Zealand? I like it

Motor Racing Circuits in Maperitive? 7 months ago

I've never heard of Maperitive so I don't know what it's about, but I can see it on the OGF website so it has loaded

Motor Racing Circuits in Maperitive? 7 months ago

Could you link the location so we can have a look pls? The race track should show up as a pinkish-red thick line about the size of a tertiary road (?) so you can't really miss it. It may have been swallowed up by the other edits as they might paste over it so be careful with that.

If you don't know how to link the location btw, go onto where you want to show and look at the two long numbers in the search bar - those are your co-ords :)

Temporary leave of absence 7 months ago

Have a nice time away, rest your arm!!!

Malls. 7 months ago

Zhenkang, dunno if you're still doing your challenges but that could be the next one

I am actually staying! Yay! 7 months ago

Yay! Great to have you still lol

Holdwell, suburb of Wyndham 7 months ago

I love it! The way you have managed to plan about your city into different sorts of classes is great because of course we need to show this in a capitalist country.

I'm definitely getting British vibes off of your mapping, as a Londoner myself, I'm quite impressed at the way you've done it, do correct me if it's not based on a British style of mapping haha!