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Going on Hiatus / Minor Goodbye for Now 8 months ago

Hope to see you again soon Geo! Let Wangi know otherwise you'll have your country evicted.

Feature idea: custom highway/route signs on maps 9 months ago

Am I the only one who's brain has been frazzled lol

About tile updating 9 months ago

Are they loaded now? How long did they take?

About tile updating 9 months ago

It depends on what you've done.

Various forms of editing can take various amounts of time. For example, borders of a large country may take days to load because the area in which the nodes have been placed is so large.

If it's say, a road, maybe about 300m long it could take about an hour or maybe 2.

A lot of the edits work in chunks, so one chunk may update before another, leaving a white patch, but don't worry because they will appear at some point, maybe about 1 or 2 hours later.

The updates of the different zooms also vary in the same way as the chunks if you know what I mean.

You've just got to be patient, you can still edit of course and they'll pop up at some point :)

V2.0 & V2.01 of Bromley 9 months ago

Like you banned me for 24 hours for inappropriate remarks even though you were causing offence to me? I did nothing wrong then.

I am taking a break because this is being absolute fucking shit.

I get banned for reporting a wiki fault twice

New town in Ardencia - Żabiniec 9 months ago

Flipping heck that's brilliant for someone new! I'm impressed

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

That name generator is helpful, thank you. But you just can't expect me to fix a load of stuff and expect me to be an expert on everything when I haven't even been here for a year.

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

1) Would help if the wiki worked, read the message I sent ages ago and the user diary that it concerned.

2) I am English, I know what my own country looks like thank you very much and I'd rather not be treated like a baby.

3) Some names have been changed, not all of them because then it will start looking like a fantasy world.

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

Some of those I will be not be changing - for example, Epworth and Byker I have never heard of and therefore they can't be that important.

What I don't get is why I am told that a town like Holtwquayhex is too 'fictional' but then I am told I can't use something like a so called 'real place name'. I'm going to run out of place names otherwise and if not, it will be copying the entire list of names from Ingerland.

I get where you are coming from but a bit of wiggle room would be nice please.

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

And it would help if the wiki actually worked after I reported it almost a month ago and never received a reply so therefore I cannot view it!

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

There's no map linked above btw

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

1) Sorry, didn't realise about the coastlines inland, I'll delete those for you. I thought it was weird that the layers were duplicating, I only did one so that must be the reason why they've duplicated.

2) What are you talking about with real world place names? Where are you supposed to be referring to? I based it off of the 'Ingerish' language.

Entry 003: Trying an Industrial Area 9 months ago

I really like the way you have shaped your buildings and roads! I can't see much at the moment as it is flooded but that should be fixed soon. May I ask if there is a certain place that you are basing this area on or is it just a freestyle?

It looks sort of American, Canadian or British, maybe Australian styled?

Mecyna flooded? 9 months ago

Was it me then? Whereabouts?

Mapper's Challenge #31 — August 2020 — Green Cities and Neighbourhoods 9 months ago

Ooh this will be a fun one!

Unknown mapper of the love of geometry 9 months ago

Lol that mapping is actually so satisfying literally everything is the same distance apart

Federal States Updates 9 months ago

Sounds brilliant!

Nuclear Exclusion Zone? 9 months ago

Cheers Wangi,

I intend on making terrain in that area soon, it might be worth doing a 20km radius circle and then modify it according to terrain

Nuclear Exclusion Zone? 9 months ago

A very good point lol

I was having a look on OSM at the Chernobyl exclusion zone and used that, thank you for that link too

Real life flag! 9 months ago

Omg where did you get this from?