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Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) about 4 years ago

Castellan would like to be part of the alliance, being a founding member because it would represent the interests of the Castellanese culture that is expanded by the continent of Uletha. What do you think?

World Series Basketball over 4 years ago

If you want you can include Castellán.

2016 Summer Geolympiad planning, form to see what countries are interested in what sports almost 5 years ago

Please, could you also add handball??

Riko Airways about 5 years ago

I wish there were flights to Maguériz and Barnia (Castellán).

Commemorating my 2 year anniversary in OGF about 5 years ago

Guau!! La verdad es que tu historia es impresionante, eres un ejemplo a seguir Luciano, como usario/administrador siempre podemos contar contigo. OGF es una gran comunidad donde podemos plasmar nuestra imaginación y creación, y además compartirla con varios usuarios. Mucho ánimo y muchas gracias por estar ahí siempre.

Feliz Mapeo,


MundoMar mapping complete over 5 years ago

Fantástico!!! Has llevado el detalle al máximo, te ha quedado genial. Muy buen trabajo.


Ikk'bin Airlines over 5 years ago

You could add Maguériz and Barnia (Castellán).

Seeking Settlers and Immigrants over 5 years ago

You can use Castellanese language (Sapanish). This language is originated in Castellán and today used in wide distribution in the world due to the historic colonial activities of the Castellanese people. My idea is that between 1400 and 1470 the Castellanese Empire expands into Tarephia and Antarephia colonizing Latina, Paxtar (for example) and other countries of those continents , from 1480-1550 to Archanta through Central Ocean. This expansion could have happened by the need to find resources to cover religious wars between Castellan and Mazan.

Mancomunidad de países castilohablantes over 5 years ago

Me gusta el artículo, cuando pueda, Castellán formará parte de la Organización. Saludos.

2016 International Foosball World Cup looking for more participants followup almost 6 years ago

Arcania want to send a Foosball team.

Gobrassanya Capital Development over 6 years ago

New motorways in Gobrassanya:

A 10 corridor (Western Border Motorway) : Crofton Ring - Crofton - (Construction) - A7 motorway - A XX motorway

A 20 corridor : Parma - Queensboro - Colquitam - Border line (16 highway)

A XX (A3 corridor): Border line - A 10 motorway - Colquitam

What number could we assigne the A XX (proposed A 3 corridor)??

Proposals:A 3 (but would be divided in two branches) ; A 8; A 17...

Laguna, Pohalashee Page over 6 years ago

Ok, I have renumbered A 580 as A 403.

Gobrassanya Capital Development over 6 years ago

Regarding A-3 subsume A-7, A-70 subsume A-7 and A-1 would still remain connecting Major cities ,I agree with you.

However, I also propose that A-3 motorway subsume A-2 from Gobras City to Gautig (along the coast), connecting with A-1 in Gautig.

The route A-3 motorway would be: Gautig - Gobras City - Artana - Laguna - Loonawarra

The route A-2 motorway would be: Gobras City - Margenson - Blumouth

What is your opinion??

Gobrassanya Capital Development over 6 years ago

I would like to do a proposal, renumber the Northcoast Highway... What number do you propose??
The route would be from Gautig to Loonawarra exchange (A-1).

My proposal is:

Renumber as A-3.

Renumber the A-71 motorway as A-7 and the A-7 route to Artana as A-70.