Posted by Kazuya on 28 August 2017 in English (English)

Hi Guys!

So I noticed this weird thing in my country recently. So if you zoom in a certain point around here (location below) The area which has streets that are on land turns into water, and if you go north a bit, around the zoo, the area that turned into water spawns in the zoo entrance.

I want to know if this is just my computer, a glitch, or something I did wrong when I created the bay or zoo.


Location: Rallins Street, Paradise City, Freedonia

Comment from Alessa on 28 August 2017 at 01:39

I didn't see the problem with how the tiles rendered, but I went in with JOSM and ran the validator just to see what errors popped up. There were a few errors with the water polygons that I solved; given that they were adjacent, it might have caused the problem. See if this works in a bit, once things re-render.

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Comment from Kazuya on 28 August 2017 at 03:07

Thank You Alessa

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