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Holocaust about 1 month ago

I think OGF definitely need some kind of holocaust-like history. In the name of versimilitude, crimes against humanity should't be specific to present-day dictatories (such as PFS) or developing, unstable countries (such as Commonia, supposedly). If we want OGF to be realistic, I think there is plenty of room for creating traces of a dark history of modern, democratic nations. Even in real life, nations and individuals are easily labeled as "good" or "evil", which does not reflect the real comlexity of the world. Even more so in a fictional world, as there tends to be an over-emphasis on utopias and dystopias.

So we should consciously break the pattern and make the "good" countries "less good". Of course, it should be done creatively. OGF is a constant balancing between originality and versimilitude. Copying holocaust into OGF by simply changing the name is not a good idea. Combining elements of the reigns of Hitler, Musslini, Stalin, Franco, Gaddafi, Mao etc might be a better one. Of course, it requires more thinking and more work, but isn't that the real treasure of OGF: It teaches us to think clearly and to work hard, hopefully for the benefit of the real world.

Eäßnordæland! about 1 month ago

Personally, I like the name Eäßnørdælånd – but I agree iẗ is a bit unpractical. Any time I write it I copy-paste it, because it feels too slow to type it, even though I do have a suitable pan-European keyboard setting.

Maybe you could make an English (Ingerish) translation or transcription of the name, for international purposes? Eastnortherland or Eassnoerdaerlaand or something like that.

The language interests me a lot, I'm looking forward to the wiki article about it. Of course, keep the mapping a priority! :)

What do you think of Norchester? about 2 months ago

Nice-looking small towns! My suggestions for next steps:

  1. The river looks a bit forced within the dense road network, I think you should make more space for it by adjusting some nearby streets. Or maybe make it run om the space between Norchester and Nearton? Using waterway=river doesn't render the real width of the river, so it's better to draw the outlines with waterway=riverbank, [like this]

  2. Also, use more nodes to make smoother rail curves.

  3. Some shops, schools and churches etc. would give the towns more character. And surrounding fields would be nice, unless you plan to map a big city.

Hi there! 2 months ago

Welcome to OGF!

Nice start with small details. Not much more to say yet, you have mapped so little. Just keep on mapping! After you have created at least ten times more content, ask for feedback again. Preferably not here, though: The diaries are a place for discussions on current topics of general interest, and you should post here sparingly. The primary place for asking for feedback is in the forum.

I highly recommend reading the FAQ carefully, you will find many useful hints and help resources there:

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need. Happy mapping! :)

Developing a city called Denissia, right to Freetabourgh in Commonia 2 months ago

Hi theruler,

nice start! I can help you, but please specify what kind of help you need – and pay attention to some issues.

You have created a lot of details in the few first days. I hope you don't mind me saying but the speed is very visible in your mapping style. Streets could be more parallel, buildings could be more rectangular. Please use the rectangle tool to make buildings more realistic.

Railways should have smooth curves. preferably with several hundred meters radius, to be realistic. Is the rail really supposed to be a big bridge, or is it a mistake? Should the rail connect to other railways near by, or do you want it to remain a closed system?

I can start helping by smoothing out the rail curves a bit, let's see how it looks like.

Developing a new capital: Brig 2 months ago

Nice, detailed work so far! I'm curious to see your city develop, especially as it is relatively close to my country Bloregia and meant to be about the same size as its capital Blöndel. I agree with Ernestpcosby, the old town buildings and especially the pedestrian zone look quite large. The riverbank area further south, however, seems to be perfectly in scale.

So far the mapping is quite fragmentary, so it is hard to get the big picture of how the city layout is meant to be. Do you have a preliminary sketch of the city as a whole? It might be wise to map the older main roads and some topography of the larger area as a skeleton upon which to keep building the city. It would make it easier to make a realistic city map.

Happy mapping! :)

Flooded 3 months ago

Hello everyone! 3 months ago

@zhenkang You're right about Gobrassanya, it stands out as much more realistic than e.g. Commonia or Midstland, which are more sandbox-like areas. My remark was meant to be a rough generalization about blue areas compared to owned ones; the whole picture is, of course, more complex.

Hello everyone! 3 months ago

Welcome! You can experiment with mapping in the unmapped areas of the free territories, marked blue in the overview map:

Before mapping very much, I recommend you take time to read the FAQ in the wiki and to study different mappers' work in the owned territories (blue territories are not the best examples of good mapping).

Don't hesitate to ask for help or advice. Happy mapping! :)

Lenox the Project 4 months ago

You started the details nicely. I agree with zhenkang, the road system needs some adjusting, not only around the railway, but also around some diagonal main roads. Before adding too much buildings, consider breaking the grid here and there in order to connect it more naturally to the diagonals. There are several unrealistic clusters of intersections. At minimum, you need to decide where to put bridges and tunnels and where to have level crossings e.g. here:

Le feedback 4 months ago

Really good start, looks nice!

A technical detail: in stead of marking schools, churches, shops etc. with separate nodes, you can tag the buildings or areas themselves. It's faster, and sometimes also looks better. The logo (and name) will appear automatically in the middle of the building or area, and e.g. church buildings will show in darker colour.

Happy mapping!

Stuck. 4 months ago

Realism is a relative thing. Don't raise the bar too high. When you look at other mapper's talented work, you can take inspiration but you don't need to feel pressure to advance to the same level.

What helps me is occasionally concentrating at detailed small-scale mapping. When I see a limited area become more realistic, it inspires me to continue even though vast areas of my country remain very drafty or unmapped.

You've come a long way already. It's perfectly natural to get stuck every now and then, i think we all do. Have a break and do something else for a while, but don't give up completely. Just a little distance may be what you need to regain your passion!

Making realistic small towns 4 months ago

About scaling: the problem is usually creating too big units, not too small. It takes patience to stick to small scale. So if you are unsure, map small, and you won't make big mistakes. In residential areas, parallel streets are usually 50-100 m from each other, at least that's a good starting point.

You can pick a model building in the real world, measure and replicate it carefully and multiply it to help with scaling. Also looking at satellite pictures and street view will help if you haven't actually visited the model town.

The zoning issue has troubled me, too. Note that many commercial units are integrated into residential areas, so commercial / retail areas are actually only needed for major shopping centers and office areas. Here's a randomly picked RW example:

Also, zones can fairly easily be altered afterwards, so don't get stuck with the background color, you can always look at it later.

Happy mapping!

Getting back into OGF (again) 4 months ago

I'd go blue for now if I were you. The lack of perfection will probably bother you less if the territory is not your own, and you will be less tempted to delete it all. Also, you can use the experience to help decide the location you request.

Getting back into OGF (again) 4 months ago

Don't worry, just map boldly, delete if necessary and map again. You may want to try different approaches to find out what satisfies you personally. If you study the work different mappers, you will discover that there are many different mapping styles and strategies in OGF.

Some do a lot of pre-planning offline, others only have a rough idea and they invent the details mostly as their map. Some map the topography of a whole country before mapping a single town or highway, others begin by completing a small town with shops, parks, churches etc with names and all. Personally, I like to switch from big-scale to tiny-scale mapping quite frequently, that keeps me motivated.

Also, ask yourself, what kind of mapping interests you particularily: Railways, rivers, tourist attractions, sports facilities, harbours, forests? Be detailed with the fun things and allow yourself to be more general with other stuff to begin with. It you are impatient and want to map something ready-looking as soon as possible, stick to small-scale mapping. Using many days to complete one neighbourhood with lots of details may be more rewarding than mapping little here and there in larger scale.

Country Name Suggestions 5 months ago

A thing to consider for all: place names need not be beautiful as long as they are relevant from local point of view.

Many place names sound weird to speakers of other languagers. E.g. Lima means "slime" in Finnish and Nauru means "laughter", and the Estonian Kullimaa means "Dickland".

There are also RW places like Intercourse, Dildo, Fucking and Middlesex. so tor the sake of realism we should have similar ones in OGF, too. ;)

I almost forget: the 3rd most common lake name in Finland is Paskalampi, literally "shitlake". The lakes are small and unsignificant and usuallty people in the nearby villages believe that they have the only Paskalampi in the world.

Country Name Suggestions 5 months ago

I agree with Jesus, an etymology would be recommendable.

Many real country names originally describe the nature of the area. I suggest you choose the name after you know the location and after you have developped a rough idea of the topography and history of the area.

Was your country originally covered with forest? Consider names like Waldortia, Waldland etc.

Is there an important body of water or mountain in the area that defines the geography? Consider names like Flussendia, Ostseelandia, Nordhangen etc.

Is there a proud people with noble history? Consider names like Adelburgia, Folkerland etc.

You could also create a history of abbreviation for the name, e.g. Adelburgia > Alburgia or Waldortia > Walria etc.

You may want to look at this list of real etymologies for inspiration:

Hey 5 months ago

I like the fact that you have had the patience to map many details in a small area in stead of making a rough sketch of a larger area first. Stick to this principle!

My advice: Use more nodes to smoothen some of the angles. Whether drawing coastline or road curves, try tro keep the angle size around 150-170 degrees. This makes close-up zooms even nicer-looking.

The island Fawrhos between the two peninsulas is flooded because the coastline direction is wrong. To correct it, switch the direction so that the arrows point anti-clockwise. Remember: water always on the right, dry land on the left.

Happy mapping! :)

New to making towns and cities, could use some suggestions for Galentia 5 months ago

I edited the motorway connections, tried to make nicer-looking and more realistic curves for the breaking & accelerating lines. I also added bridges.

New to making towns and cities, could use some suggestions for Galentia 5 months ago

Good start!

What strikes me is that there are no natural features anywhere near Galentia. Before expanding too much, you could map a river, a lake, a mountain or a forest in the immediate proximity of the town. This would give the area a more interesting and realistic look.

Don't imitate the rest of Commonia too much, there is a lot of bad mapping in the free-to-map-areas. In stead, take a look at some reserved territories to get good influences.