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Feedback on New City Layout about 2 months ago

Really nice and balanced grid!

The big harbor area could do with a railway connection, or a highway, or both. Otherwise the streets will be crowded with heavy traffic.

Nacuitlan and Aurosia similar? Same User? 2 months ago
  • between neighbors in OGF, i meant to write
Nacuitlan and Aurosia similar? Same User? 2 months ago

You cannot determine a person's mapping style based on such a small area. This is obviously just a detail imitation mirroring the opposite side of the border.

Taking some influences of neighboring countries is not prohibited, in fact, in my opinion it is to be encouraged. A realistic map does not shift style at every national border. In the real world, landscapes and cultures are usually woven seamlessly into each other. I hope to see much more cooperation between in OGF, especially concerning natural features.

Ready for a territory request? 2 months ago

JOSM is good to have for large-scale mapping, but personally I prefer iD for detailed mapping within a limited area. I know I represent a minority, though.

Relations can be tricky at first, but they are cool when you learn to use them. I made this tutorial to try to explain them, hope it helps.

Trouble with creating islands 2 months ago

Don't put a type=multipolygon tag in the island way itself. In stead, include the island way into the existing riverbank relation which you already tagged as type=multipolygon. Then specify the island way's role in the relation as "inner".

In iD, this can only be done if the rivebank and island are close enough to fit into the area you zoom into for editing. All existing relations within the editing area appear in the "all relations" options below the tagging section.

An island in a lake or a river is always part of a the same multipolygon as the water body. However, an islands in the sea is not part of any multipolygon relation and is tagged as natural=coastline. In both island types, the way runs anti-clockwise and should be carefully closed.

Diplomatic Relations? 2 months ago

Can I have 1/1 for Bloregia, please. You can map your embassy here.

Hint: you can add your country to the wiki list OGF;Embassies.

My Beautiful Lady, You Will Rise Again ! :( 3 months ago

A terribly sad event. Makes you think of what is really important for us. Not everything can be measured in money.

However, this is just a building. Luckily, no lives were lost. Some restaurationist in Paris already commented: Worse things have happened in Paris recently.

Many sacred buildings have been damaged, for various reasons – and rebuilt – during history of man. This is not the first one nor the last one. "The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." (2 Cor 4:18)

Establishing a military alliance like NATO 3 months ago

As I understand it, the difference between OGF and role playing is the following: OGF users can construct all kinds of alliances between their countries for mapping-related purposes, but not alliances between users for the purpose of competing with other users. Users can own countries that are in war with each other and at the same time cooperate in all possible ways as mappers. OGF community is all about cooperation. We have a shared goal: realistic, contemporary alternative world map. All that we do here should serve this purpose, not any hidden roleplayish purposes.

Concerning Highway 11, Commonia. 3 months ago

The first city in my new country! 3 months ago

Not a bad start! Streets look quite realistic and you have mapped the waters first, good!

Some remarks:

  • Don't map buildings tight into roads. Consider the width of the road, leave at least a few metres between the road line and the building wall. Main streets with 4-6 lanes plus pedestrian tracks should have at least 50 m space between opposite buildings.

  • The term "national Park" usually refers to a nature reserve. If this is what you have in mind, tag leisure=nature_reserve in stead of leisure=park. In a city, however, one would expect a proper city park in stead, so perhaps you want to change the name.

Ogf+YouTube 3 months ago

There is no consensus that "we don't want that". Perhaps the majority of the loud ones think so, but that is far from "consensus". Personally, I would encourage to share your work in any legal media available.

Putting up a pseudo-official channel in the name of the OGF community is a completely different issue. That should not be done. If you share, share your work only.

The risk of course is that wide publicity could bring lots of newbies to OGF who start mapping wildly without knowing the rules and conventions. Especially if you provide a link to the original OGF location, it's good to emphasize that mapping in OGF is strictly regulated.

Administrative divisions 4 months ago

Experimenting with boundary relations is safe if you create a closed environment with no contact to coastlines or international boundaries. You could e.g. create a region in the middle of your country and divide it into municipalities to see how multiple level relations work.

Here's some tips to get started.

Administrative divisions 4 months ago

Realistic 4 months ago

Also, the grids look unrealistic, because you have lots of long, linear streets, none of which are parallel. To look realistic, at least some streets should be parallel, at least some streets non-linear and smoothly curving, at least some blocks rectangular. As for now, it looks obvious that the city is drawn quite fast, it has an artificial overall look.

My advice: take some time to patiently rework the grid and fine-tune some details. It is rewarding in the long run.

Motorways abound in newly formed countries. 4 months ago

I understand the fun with motorways. For people who love constructing complicated interjections, I takes a lot of patience to wait until everything else is mapped first.

This made me think: While some users are obviously lazy mapping natural features, others seem especially fond of it. Some new users might prefer a pre-mapped natural landscape so they could start directly mapping man-made features.

It wouldn't hurt to call out for volunteers to do some groundwork with rivers and mountains in your territory. It might lead to win-win-deals, where both parts can do more of what they most like. Some kind of mechanism for organizing this kind of collaboration might be good to have. Maybe even some of the green territories could be pre-mapped as an experiment, at least for coastline details.

Realistic Mapping 4 months ago

This is second time this week a tutorial is requested in the diaries. Also, many users have recently started mapping their own territory. In attempt to do my best to help, I drafted this tutorial. It may help, or it may not. Perhaps I say things you don't want to hear, or perhaps I answer the wrong questions. This tutorial is about what I did – and what I wish I would have done. It is my path, it may not be yours.

As many have said, good mapping is about practice, but there is more to it. Practice requires patience and patience requires motivation. The initial question is: what motivates you in mapping? Unless this is answered, it is hard to know how to help. Some are motivated by rough generalizations, others by complex details. Some try to create visually satisfactory mapping as fast as possible, others like big projects that may look drafty for a long time. For example, Therefore, the most fruitful way of tutoring is a to maintain an active, respectful dialog between users. Hearing about several different approaches may help you find the one that works for you.

OGF tutorials for all users to learn about how to do stuff on ogf 4 months ago

A video tutorial could give valuable information about the mapping process that is difficult to transmit through writing and still pictures: The order of doing things, how to combine use of tools and free-hand drawing etc. But these would only reflect the habits of an individual mapper. The result matters, not the way to get there. I, for example, make seldom drafts offline and I use iD and JOSM alternately in a way that I wouldn't necessarily recommend to others but it's something that I'm used to. Capturing my mapping process on video uncensored would probably confuse more than help.

This said, some new tutorials on specific issues like relations would be good to have. Let's see if I have the time to put something together based on my experience so far.

"Exposed" 4 months ago

I usually hesitate telling people about my weird hobbies (Geofiction and conlangs), but last year I wrote about OGF in my blog. The reception was very positive, some friends and colleagues were quite impressed. Somehow this hobby seems less weird and less self-centered in a community than alone offline, so I'm more comfortable talking about it nowadays.

City Development Support 4 months ago

A city of 1 million + is an ambitious project that takes hundreds of hours of planning and mapping to make it realistic. Are you sure that is what you want to do?

My advice: Think chronologically. first create natural features that have existed before the city, like lakes and peaks. Then map older, separate settlements and let them slowly grow into one city. Finish motorway network only after most of the streets and landuse have been mapped,

Or just lower your expectations and create a smaller urbanity. Or join a non-finished project elsewhere.

I made some curves a bit smoother in the railway and coastline to make them look more realistic.

Happy mapping!

OGF Vatican and or Israel 5 months ago

If, hypothetically, some kind of remotely realistic "Israel" would be created in OGF, it would have to be a community project, like purple area. For this, we would need (a) admin approval, (b) suitably many skilled mappers who are fairly familiar with Middle East history and who get along with each other, and (c) lack of massive opposition from the community. As much as I would like to see this happen (and help with it), I think it probably will never happen. It's more fun to concentrate in what works in OGF in stead of banging head against a wall.