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Hey! I'm a student from Sweden, studying urban planning at the univeristy of BTH (and have done for three years) who enjoys mapping on a larger scale every now and then. I I am a founding member of the Mazan collaboration. (The 'Arabic homeland' of OGF). Where I own Linya and Zakhta. Most of My currently remaining work in OGF can be found in the Wilayat of Linya in Mazan. I have been mapping here on OGF for a couple of months and am greatly enjoying the experience and am indeed improving my skills constantly. I have recently become the owner of Ruoguovvás and have some plans for the area, I am currently working on the coast and the ice sheet. The initial plans can be found further down. If you want to collaborate in any way, send me a message and i'll be happy to see your ideas! If you simply disagree with something i've mapped, I would Love to know how it can be improved!

I'm available in:

  • Swedish/Svenska - Native
  • Norwegian/Norsk - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • German/Deutsch - Fluent
  • Russian/Русский - Limited

  • Arabic/اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ - Not really

  • Northern Sámi/Davvisámegiella - Not really

If you would like to correct me on naming in Ruoguovvás and happen to speak sámi (northern Sámi primarily) please do! I am certainly no expert in this language and any help is more than welcome!

This is the broad plan for Ruoguovvás, some changes may appear, for instance, the lakes north of Läxland have already been altered from what the plan pictures National plan

Here is the intended language divisions of the nation, where Jiemiesillimigiella is the lingua franca of the nation and spoken more or less everywhere. Large dialectual differences with regions are intended


Here are some older maps which are mostly still accurate, but some changes have been made, to be taken with a grain of salt: