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Hey! I'm a real life city planner from sweden who enjoys mapping on a larger scale every now and then. I've been on OGF for a few months and have recently become the owner of the state of Gharbiya. A mountainous desert monarchy with large amounts of oil, copper and Uranium.

If you're interested in any kind of collaboration: Shared history, border disputes, trade agreements etc. Hit me up!

I'm available in:

  • Swedish/Svenska - Native
  • Norwegian/Norsk - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • German/Deutsch - Fluent
  • Russian/русский - Limited

If you want to help me with my... Less than stellar Arabic... Again... Hit me up!

And for now, the rough plan of Gharbiya looks like this. If you have comments on it I'd love to share some Ideas. First of all, railways. Gharbiyan map and secondly, roads (credit to my buddy Tim for the map) Infrastructure map

Keep mapping and stay safe!


Might and prosperity. Always. القوة والازدهار دائما