2021 Geolympics Mapoff - Voting Procedure

Posted by Lithium-Ion on 9 August 2021 in English (English).

The Geolympics Mapoff is officially closed! I’d like to thank all those who submitted entries for participating. There’s been a lot of great work done.

The Geolympic Committee has established a voting procedure for making games canonical, which is as follows.

  1. First Review: Once the deadline (8 Aug) occurs, the committee will briefly review each of the submitted bids to ensure they have a minimum level of quality that we’re comfortable with eventually making official. At least three members of the committee have to agree that the bid is sufficient; if two members don’t feel it has met that threshold, the bid is automatically rejected.
  2. Community Vote: Once the acceptable bids are determined, the committee will invite mappers to vote on all the acceptable bids on a 1-5 scale, with a 5 being a top-tier bid. This allows you, the community to have a say and still get to vote on things.
  3. Committee Vote: Concurrent with #2, each member of the committee will assign a 1-5 score for each bid as well. Once the Community Vote is done, the committee will average all five scores together (community vote + one score from each committee member) to come up with the composite score.
  4. Primary Ranking and Assignment: With composite scores in hand, for years with multiple bids, the bid with the highest composite score would earn the official awarding of the games for that year. For conflicting years (e.g., a year with a Northern summer games and a Southern winter games) the higher composite score of the two would determine the hemisphere for that year.
  5. Secondary Ranking and Assignment: For non-winning bids, the committee will reach out to each bidder and offer alternate options to complete the schedule. First preference would be for adjacent vacant years, followed by years within a 20-year window of the preferred bid. If the bid is still unassigned after that, we offer the bid as the host for a regional game instead.

The committee will begin working through the process now, and more updates will be forthcoming. Thank you once again to all those who participated.

-The Geolympic Committee

Location: Rajkanika, Kendrapara, Odisha, India

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