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Mapping Sirassa 5 months ago

Hey there, just wanted to add that TCC makes really good points, and that the city looks great!

Also, take a look at this name generator:

Maybe that can give you some ideas for street names - and if not, there are plenty of others on the web.

AN (Assembly of Nations) - Process of Joining 5 months ago

Right now my (possibly wrong) understanding is that you should add your country to the list here:

Christism in OGF 8 months ago

I think everything you have there is pretty much on point, just a few corrections:

The Ortholic Church is OGF:Catholic - the OGF:Orthodox church is the Ekelan Church.

Was not aware that the Darcodian Church existed, I wouldn’t advise using it as I’m not aware of the status of Darcodia within canon at the moment - it’s probable that the Darcodian Church and the Ortholic Church are one and the same, though.

I’m not actually sure if we’ve got any equivalents to Hinduism or Buddhism at the moment, I know we do have OGF:Judaism and OGF:Islam though, but I can’t recall their names at the moment.

As you know, this is a subject where there’s certainly been some debate around these names, but these are what seem to be the accepted conventions.

JOSM won't load data 9 months ago

Do you have your JOSM connected to OGF?

Coronavirus around fictional world 9 months ago


On fictional shibboleths 9 months ago

Because Iscu speaks an “Ingerish patois” - which mixes ingerish with the native language, the letter “L” is often removed or replaced with “ſ”, which represents a similar but not the same sound, “ɮ̪”, a sound that appears in the Papua language Waghi. I imagine that this would cause significant confusion. For instance, Aeſ, which looks like it should sound something like /eɪl/, in fact sounds like /eɪiːɮ̪/.

When there are two Ls in a word, it sometimes gets replaced with ö in the patois as well, which will have some other sound - but I haven’t got around to incorporating that further into the territory, and plenty of lls still abound.

There’d probably be a bunch of other pronunciation oddities - something I’ll be thinking about more now.

Help 9 months ago


You need to add building=yes to those relations.

Red crosses in JOSM 10 months ago

I think you need to change your TMS link in JOSM to the new one - see here for instructions. Hope this helps!

Help 11 months ago

When this happens there are usually self-crossing lines. However, in this case you haven’t given any of the ways roles (ie: inner or outer), so they won’t render.

West Ulethan Community Collaborative Projects on the New Wiki Forums 11 months ago

Alright, sounds good.

West Ulethan Community Collaborative Projects on the New Wiki Forums 11 months ago

Perhaps there could be forums for geographical regions in West Uletha as well? It could be helpful to have forums for Ghetoria, the Liberian Island, Northern Uletha, etc to collaborate and for other users to share input on those regions.

I don’t know if there would be enough demand for all the regions in OGF:West Uletha to have forums, so maybe some could be combined - like the South Great Sea Coast region and Egalia, or Turquan Uletha and the Iviran Coast and Aryana.

Or not - I don’t think it’s absolutely needed, but it could be nice to have. I think it’s great that the forums are getting a redesign and some more attention, and thanks to all the admins who are doing it!

Site Maintenance for Server Migration 12 months ago

What will happen to user diaries in the transition?

How to make national parks? 12 months ago

To add on to Intergan’s comment, I would recommend using a relation.

When I make relations I often also add leisure=nature_reserve along with boundary=national_park - but that’s redundant, I don’t think it has an effect on rendering either way.

Also, if you’re creating a protected area that’s not a national park, use boundary=protected_area in the relation instead of boundary=national_park - and the appropriate protect_class (optional, but worth adding).

Travel Tip 12 months ago

Wow, that’s really cool! Hopefully I’ll be able to visit someday.

History of Xochimalta about 1 year ago

Well, if your country speaks Castellanese it was colonized by Castellan, who would have also brought with them the Catholic (Ortholic in ogf) religion.

I don’t know much about the history of the Peninsula as a whole, sadly, but my understanding is that there were native inhabitants and civilizations prior to widespread colonization by the Mediterranean countries like Castellan, Plevia, and Franqueterre. The indigenous civilization in Balam-Utz is inspired by the Mayans, so perhaps you could incorporate Mesoamerican culture (Olmec, Aztec, etc) into your indigenous peoples.

I’d say that your plan sounds good, and since there isn’t much history for the region you get to make a lot of your own!

Hope this helps.

Mapping 3rd World Countries about 1 year ago

CCA, Suvuma, Lorotoban, Majesia, Kwinatu, possibly Wallea, and Iscu are all poor countries, and I’m sure there are some I’ve missed.

The July 2021 Geolympiad Mapoff about 1 year ago

@Leowezy The committee will take into account your planned year - with luck, everyone should get the year they want, or at least one close to it.

@Sarepava That sounds great! Just a note, different countries are meant to host the winter and summer games in any given year, so in 1996 Gobras City has the summer games, and maybe Arion has the winter games. I suppose it would be possible for one country to host both, but we want as many spots available as possible.

Closing Midistland about 1 year ago

Very nice! It’s good to see some work being done on Midistland. It was the blue country where I first started, and I’ll be watching the discussions with interest.

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM about 1 year ago

Yes, that’s one of the results of the certification issue.

Developing German-styled "Innenstädte" over 1 year ago

Yeah, old towns are hard to get right, Cretra’s has been through probably four different iterations by now, for example, and only now am I finally getting something that I’m somewhat satisfied with in terms of road layout. I’m going to second Leowezy and say that trying to figure out patterns from real-world examples is useful, but practice is really what’s needed. You can also try to think of it from a historical perspective - how would the old town have expanded over time? I don’t really have much else to offer, I’m afraid.