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Hi there! about 2 months ago


Second, look at OSM (Openstreetmap) for inspiration. I can’t judge whether or not your town is good based on a small amount of houses.

Houses for sale! 5 months ago

I'm doing it for the lolz.

Houses for sale! 5 months ago

Id like a house actually

Observations on 2/27 5 months ago

This happens from time to time, the best thing to do is report it at OGF:Flood report page. Please don't go to the User Diaries every time you have an issue, that's what the OGF Forum is for.

If you have other questions, you may contact me or any other person. Or the admin team.



Houses for sale! 5 months ago

@magnesium, If you don't own the stuff, why are you offering to 'sell' it?

Houses for sale! 5 months ago

Sorry if I sound rude, I'm just trying to get a hard point across. Otherwise it'll be nice to see this area develop.

Houses for sale! 5 months ago

Umm, your area is a eye-killing spasm-inducing wreck of motorways and roads and subway lines and just purely wrong out-of-scale buildings and roads. Please work on it before telling us so proudly that you are 'giving houses away'.

I don't think anyone would realistically want to live here.

The "Chicle Islands Formation" Project 5 months ago

Yes that seems much better.

The "Chicle Islands Formation" Project 5 months ago

Unless you provide a complex geological explanation for a sudden pertrusion into the sea then no, I wouldn't attempt it.

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal 5 months ago

@The_Cute_Chick knowing him, he's doing it deliberately.

In the end Tedima is ready for world... 6 months ago

Your mapping is quite nice! Make the airport runways longer though.

Also, what do you mean by concessions?

Hi! 6 months ago

I think the airport runways are very strangely placed an impossibly short. The metro lines in the centre are also impossibly sharp-angled and stations are way too close.

Also, try not to copy obvious real world names, like here.

Best Wishes and Good Luck,


Pipelines on the map 6 months ago

If you really desperately want to show a pipeline, it has to be major, like an Oil or Gas pipeline. Because the tag doesn't render, you need to imply its presence. For example, if it runs through a grassfield, you could clear out a section, and then create a path that bears the name of the pipeline running along it.

Pipelines on the map 6 months ago

Pipelines don't render. Just like geomorphological unit boundaries don't render. It would simply be too much stuff on the map.

RW Diseases on OGF? 6 months ago

Maybe you should ask this on the forum. And maybe you should get some mapping done first.

Rodana S1 E1 – The beginning and the port problem 6 months ago

Also, please call me Michal ;)

Rodana S1 E1 – The beginning and the port problem 6 months ago

This is all really cool!

Thanks for the flattering comment, I really appreciate that!

Actually, forests aren't discouraged as mountains, as that's how they are mapped on OSM, and, well, they are the thing that cover mountains.

And Yes, to follow Jakub, you could put this in a Bliki, which you read about here. It is basically a wiki-based blog, where you write stuff abiut what you've mapped.

Renamed Omniville into Buildtion 7 months ago

Why? Why Buildtion? Can you explain why and how you chose that name? Also, you could announce in this forum sub-thread.

Land for Ölle people 7 months ago

Also, you are a beginner. Konsiat is a territory that is very, very large. Cetainly not for a beginner.

Ummmm I still need help 7 months ago

Click on your profile icon, go to profile settings, scroll down. You'll see a map. On the map, go to the location you want to make you home, and then click on that location. Click save and it will be your home location.