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Ummmm I still need help 7 months ago

Calm down. We all have these problems. You're not the only one. I also don't like it when people just put wiki links.

How states can be created? 8 months ago

@Alessa has a great point. Not now, you should wait. I tried once, and ended up making my country a state of my neighbor.

OMG!!! 8 months ago

Instead of plaguing the the user diaries, how about you learn how to fix the issue.

Kurzov Special Bliki Log #001 (November 30th, 2017) 8 months ago



Infoboxes 8 months ago

To make custom infoboxes you need to know and/or tweak CSS. Just changing name values doesn't do anything.

I'd like to ask: 8 months ago

@Stjur why do you have to be so arrogant?!

All I have seen you commenting the past few weeks are things akin to "do more mapping, otherwise no one cares."

No wonder new users are discouradged from asking questions and getting feedback when all people like you tell them is to go back to mapping.

Look, I get that OGF is about mapping, but our communication system is very confusing. To every new user the UD seems to be the most obvious place to go for help.

How about instead of telling them to go map, you respond and get them engaged in the community, maybe then they will start getting a bit more inspiration?

Sorry for being so upfront about this but your extremely arrogant comment really triggered me.

I'd like to ask: 8 months ago

I am a typeface aficionado. I preferto use futura, because of it's modern, clean and geometric sans look. Also, I love sans serif typfaces.

Lorava Vlcia hlava

DISASTER 8 months ago

Uh, maybe son't use vulgar language, and maybe also explain what the problem is, we are not magicians. Also, don't spam. Only then you might get an answer.

Telegram 8 months ago

Why don't we have a forum yet then?

When I have enough detail on my first country to try mapping a new one what should it be? 8 months ago

Well then you will have to deal with the fact that european style countries are much much different in terms of culture, street patterns, language, naming, etc.. than america.

You can try if you wish to do so though, more eurocountries will do this site good.

Feedback on Plans 9 months ago

@nehalem501 Thanks! I think the building in the Stare mesto look just like the ones in openstreetmap, so I don't see a problem with those.

@Myrcia Thank you! I'll take that into account.

@Marcello Thanks! If you wish to know, check this bliki entry of mine. @Eklas makes nice railyards as well if you like those.

What is this enclave wonderland? 9 months ago

No one ever vandalised there, thats Karamsk, a bery finely mapped nation of an enigmatic mapper, who dosent edit on the wiki, and never introduced himself.

can't wait!!! 9 months ago

Please don't speak about useless things in the user diaries. I know it sounds like the good place, but no. If you want to keep an online diary for OGF, go make a Bliki on the Wiki.

A New Border City Begins Construction 9 months ago

@Jesus Antonio We all appreciate you being supportive and helpful, but I think you should leave the feedback to more experienced users.



Imfully understand your frustration, I had the same issue with these elusive objects they call "relations". However, maybe before taking to the User Diaries, maybe see if what you are looking for is not already on the wiki.

Just for some advice. 9 months ago

I think you should make some space for seaside promemades on the shores, instead of placing roads right on the coastline. Also, this Route 100 segment, make it an underpass, it'll look better and make more sense for traffic and commuting.

Make these boulevards smoother on the curves, it'll make for some nice possibilities with seaside attractions and harbours later on.

Try to make the river an equal width all way long, it'll look more natural.

These two near-parallel roads are unnecessary, delete Preninlad St. do this for any other unnecessary ways.

I am generally against grid cities, but this is the best advice I could give.

Cheers Michal

Naming international waters 9 months ago

I am a noob when it comes to OSM-GIS conventions, but I guess naming large multipolygons is just too complicated and unnecessary a task.


@trabantemnaksiezyc Actually i was trying to imitate the diary entries that arrogant and self-righteous users make when they refuse to use JOSM, delete a coastline segment and then go here to get it fixed.

Public competition 9 months ago

Yeah, the underpasses are unecessary imo. Just make it a giant roundabout with ramps to the radiating roads.

Public competition 9 months ago

No problem, as I said I love doing this kind of stuff. I am happy my design serves as a basis. Good Luck!