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Introducing: Deodeca 10 months ago

Oooh! a Latin American country?, im interested too

Survey: how do you create your place names? about 1 year ago

For my place's names i take some names of the neighbourhoods of my city and i make some kind of invented words based on real words, like Juarenas, a invented word based on Juarez, or Poblania based on Puebla

On my best made city, Antigua Kovania City, if i don't know how to name some neighbourhood, i put a number to the neighborhoods according to their age (For example, some neighbourhood in this city was going to be named Aztequistan, but being a bit real-life similar name, and having no more ideas, i decided to name it as "Desarrollo Urbano 41", because is the 41st oldest neighbourhood of Antigua Kovania City)

Mapping about 1 year ago

And if you say about embassies, i have a lot of free space to make your embassy in my country, well my country is toooo far to be a superpower but maybe we could cooperate:)

I am terribly sorry about 1 year ago

Or you could request another territory like AR050-XX to make your own country:)

Starting a community city project over 1 year ago

Although i can also contribute on english

Starting a community city project over 1 year ago

Maybe i could also join, but i have te idea that maybe we could make a (english-speaking) zone and a (spanish-speaking) zone, im spanish speaker and i could do the spanish-speaking mappings in that zone, but well, its just my commentary

What do you think about my first town? over 1 year ago

For being your first town is really a good one, even it looks more than one of my villages:v

How long does it take to develop a good city over 1 year ago

I'm also have to something that i could call "Good city", but it isn't completed yet, but if you want to take some inspirations for your city, you can look at my "at the moment" largest city:

New User Wondering if they are doing this right over 1 year ago

Hello!, Welcome to the OGF world!, 3 things:

  • 1st: For me your current progress is really good, not very good but also not very bad, is really good, because when i was a beginner, i was doing the same way of mapping than you, so, if you are beginner is excellent for me:)
  • 2nd: As some mappers said, don't make the buildings so big, and look another maps:)
  • 3rd: Is a great start!, Besides I'm also still making some mistakes, but i'm fixing them:)

Good mapping!:)

Can't upload changes almost 2 years ago

Será quizá un error de la página, pero también podría ser un bug del navegador, igualmente investiga todo!, Debes insistir a los de admin para que averiguen que pasa aca!:)

AR045 - South Archanta (south of FSA) almost 2 years ago

The idea is really great, (in my case, unfortunately i don't know well English and nothing of French, so i better translated my ubication), but doing something like a new and little FSA is a good idea for me :)

AR045 - South Archanta (south of FSA) almost 2 years ago

Well, i was a former owner of one of those territories, called Kovania, actually Kovania is on another (and much bigger) ubication :D, but well if i'm allowed to say that it could be lovely if one of those provinces would be called Kovania, to have a least signal of my former territory, or well, I'm just thought :D, Im a (not so) beginner :)