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Weekly housekeeping about 1 month ago

The first housekeeping went fine, without problems.

I will work some more and the next one, next week at the same time, should run in a semi-automated fashion.

For now, there will be no nightly backup created. I have turned these off as they have been quite unreliable (either failing completely or producing incomplete output with missing data). This weekly downtime will allow us to run a more reliable backup, but the disadvantage of course is that it’s only weekly. We’ll work on getting back to a nightly backup process - perhaps by using the server replication process that also feeds the render and overpass.

Thanks to all for their patience and understanding.

Happy mapping.

Uploads about 2 months ago


It would be nice if you could provide links to your changesets. It makes researching things marginally easier. I’m a bit confused by the changesets you reference.

changeset 1139474 is listed as “not found” by OGF.

changeset 1134839 has a large number of deleted objects. I believe I’ve discussed this before, but I’ll mention it again here: mass deletions (1000’s of objects deleted in a single changeset) seem to cause problems for the replication-to-render pipeline, and result in “ghosts” of deleted objects persisting FOREVER in the render (until the render is reset from zero - not something I want to do frequently).

changeset 1134798 is attributed to user Y Knott (not bhj867), and included tag modifications of exactly 1 node and one way, with zero deletions or creations.

General advice for all users:

When deleting large numbers of objects, please be careful. This is not a use-case that the OSM software is designed to handle (think about it - mass deletions are NOT common on OSM). Divide up your deletions to cover small numbers of objects (<1000) and small areas (so if something goes wrong you don’t mess up large areas).

Directions / search box? about 2 months ago


taginfo is a great little tool, but I would consider it merely “nice to have”, and lower priority than quite a few other add-ons I’d like to have for OGF.

My highest priority is to get the contours working again properly - the ogf-topo layer. My interest in this feature is a primary reason for taking over hosting for OGF - because it was clear Thilo was no longer able to support it.

My second priority is nominatim. I think it would be popular and useful to the mapping community, though I personally find Overpass-Turbo to be functionally similar and adequate for the most part.

My third priority would be routing. Again, I don’t much use this myself, but in a geofiction context it could be a lot of fun.

My fourth priority would be something akin to the OpenGlobus (3D map-view for topo layer) demo that Thilo had running a few years ago.

That puts the taginfo app pretty far down the list, unfortunately. Based on reading the site, it would require quite a bit of server capacity, too, which is also a consideration.

iD performance about 2 months ago


Personally I’d like to see iD become even MORE modular - my long-term ideal would be that iD stands alone, even on a separate server, and no longer directly integrated to the rails port that provides the OSM (OGF) API.

I realize there are people who disagree (strongly!), and there are some exceptions, but I remain convinced that use of iD does not correlate well with high quality geofiction mapping styles. Therefore I am not of a personal inclination to encourage its use. To the extent it can be considered a separate application from the OGF rails port, it can be stand or fall on its own, too, as an application (perhaps even maintained / hosted by someone else).

Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert about 2 months ago


The last file is a duplicate of the one right before it. The difference is only the name - the last file has a generic name, always the same, and guaranteed to be the most recent snapshot. It was being used for the coastline update for the render, before we got the overpass server working. It might be used for such things in the future so I haven’t changed the process that creates it.

Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert about 2 months ago


There IS a problem with backup files, sometimes.

Thilo’s OGF was having the same problem, though with less frequency.

Sometimes the backup file is getting made “incomplete.” You can see it clearly if you look closely at the file sizes.

Basically, don’t trust a backup file that is substantially smaller than the previous day’s.

I’m still not sure what’s causing this problem, and so I don’t know the solution. It’s definitely an important problem to solve.

Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert 2 months ago

Additional observation:

Depending on how comfortable you are with working with code, you can download the source code and compile it for yourself. This is apparently the github repository for osmconvert:

Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert 2 months ago


Yes, you found the new backups page.

I should make an edit to the site routes file so that the old link works correctly. That’s a mistake and oversight on my part - sorry.

For osmconvert. In ubuntu linux (my desktop and server systems), osmconvert is easy: sudo apt install osmctools

And it works beautifully.

For other operating systems, I can’t say. I suspect you’d have to download a binary for Windows and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I don’t even know how you should proceed.

Something Weird 2 months ago

@Juan Pablo Balam,

Actually, I think this is referring to the User Profile page.

@ 幼馴染のツンデレ,

We made a specific decision to leave the map on the User Profile page to point to the real world. Because we thought it might be more interesting for users to show where they were in the real world than where they “were” in the OGF world - especially since many users keep multiple “homes” inside OGF (multiple territories, many different cities and places in each territories). My in-world character, “Luciano”, has at least 4 homes in OGF. They are labelled. Can you find them?

Happy mapping.

Topo Layers 2 months ago

I would like to write a long, detailed response, but I don’t really have time right now.

Short answer: I am personally strongly committed to getting topo not just working, but working better than it ever did before. My interest and focus on topo geofiction is on of the reasons for my strong commitment in taking over hosting this project.

So eventually yes I hope to be supporting lots of topo projects, both with better documentation and better support.

Meanwhile, feel free to draw contours of edit heightmaps.

Conversion from heightmaps is not something I’ve done successfully. I do believe it could be possible, though. Heightmaps (in NASA’s SRTM format) are integral to the OpenTopoMap workflow.

iD performance 3 months ago


I think “update” to iD is not helpful, but rather, that’s the problem. The iD on the old OGF was very old. The iD on the new OGF is very new. And so it is more “specific” to OSM, which makes it harder to use for OGF for many mappers. So actually we would need to reverse the update, to get an iD that users were comfortable with.

Anyway, sorry about that. Welcome to the new site - happy mapping!

Error 3 months ago

The only time I have seen this error is when trying to upload OSM data to OGF, or OGF data to OSM.

Please be careful. The two systems don’t want each other’s data.

Two Things 3 months ago


Can you give an example of an area on the map where you are seeing this problem?

In general, for an area not previously examined under the new render, you might see a backlog of a few hours while it “fills in”, depending on what other volume of requests is coming in. But not more than that.

Anyway it’s hard to troubleshoot or assist without specifying an area of the map you want us to look at.

Also, when you specify an area of the map, lots of people reading the diaries will click to that area of the map, which will, in itself, actually help a lot - multiple requests for the same area on the render will increase its priority.

Thanks for understanding.

iD performance 3 months ago

The new, up-to-date version of iD embedded in the new rails port is definitely bloatier. In theory, it might be possible to replace it with an older version of iD if this became a major problem (e.g. a copy of the version that had been running on the old website… )

The decision to leave the iD set-up “generic” was for 3 reasons:

1) customizing the various pieces of iD was a large coding task which our team wasn’t ready to take on. iD is coded in a different computer language than the rest of the OSM website, so it requires learning and understanding new, different ways of doing things before being able to make changes and customizations.

2) as you observe, we are hoping that by leaving iD “generic” it will be easier to update when new releases come out

3) there was of course the philosophical stance that JOSM encourages a more reflective, planned out approach mapping which is to the benefit of the community.

We're back! Doing some Beta testing now 3 months ago


See this page for answer to your question.

Directions / search box? 3 months ago

On the old OGF, it is true that we had directions and search boxes. But they never worked properly, except for a few months in 2016 or around then, that I recall. The functions were hosted, briefly, off-site by a user who since left OGF.

I took out the functions since they didn’t work.

I do hope and intend to eventually get these things working. But nominatim (the name search utility) is a huge and complex application - see this:

Routing is equally complex, and yet another application. Each require their own separate servers, and so with respect to OGF, they are off on the far future horizon.

If a user with the ability to finance the server rental and who has the coding chops to build a nominatim server wants to do so, I’d be very pleased to turn on the search box and point it at their server.

Something weird is in place while trying to edit the map. 3 months ago

Indeed. Remember, iD is software made by Openstreetmap. So their default background view is going to show the real world.

As @newnw said, it’s easily fixed. You can set whatever background you want in the iD editor.

I have written how to do it at the bottom of my user profile on the wiki (temporarily).

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