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Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) 5 days ago

Wow. Then memory per se is definitely NOT the cause of the problem. I limp along with a junky 8 year old Korean PC clone running Linux and only 4 GB RAM, and rarely have problems if I keep my .OSM files under about 70 MB. I agree you should file some kind of bug report (or look for existing bug) regarding the selective upload feature.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) 5 days ago

Good information. It somewhat negates my speculation about memory management problems, although really it just transfers the blame to the coder in JOSM responsible for that selective upload feature. Anyway, glad you found the problem. I have hardly ever used the selective upload feature, that I remember. Perhaps I tried it at some point when I first started using it, and saw the problem you experienced, and that's why I stopped using it.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) 5 days ago

Great troubleshooting. And interesting result. So the problem is in JOSM. How much RAM do you have?

Here's a thought: on large changesets, JOSM goes to do its normal "housecleaning" after the upload, and because the "before" and "after" versions of the file don't simultaneously fit in your system's memory at the same time, it does some kludgey thing where it "switches" the two files in and out of memory, and somehow some coder messed up and it goes back and forth for each object, under some certain set of conditions. This would produce the kinds of exponential delays we're looking at. Call it a JOSM problem. In general, in my past experience, Java apps are bad at memory management - so it might even be a Java problem (the code platform JOSM is built on).

What the JOSM coder might say: get more memory on your machine! Problem solved!

My suggestion, to avoid the problem: 1) reduce the size of your uploads - subdivide the work, put some of the work to be uploaded into a new file, upload the new file (while closing the other), repeat; 2) wait for someone smart at JOSM to fix the problem eventually; 3) meanwhile, look into getting a bigger computer (more RAM memory).

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) 6 days ago

As I mentioned, I HAVE seen this problem before. I can't replicate it now. "Postprocessing" reads to me like server-side, but if it were server-side, it ought to be possible for other users to see it.

You might try deliberately "interrupting" your next upload when it drops into "postprocessing" and see what happens. You can do this by crashing JOSM (e.g. on Windows, CTRL-ALT-DEL to Task Manager and "kill" the process).

If doing that it breaks the changeset (i.e. lost objects), we know it's server-side. On the other hand, if your changeset is fine in such a situation, we know JOSM is misbehaving somehow.

Another thought: how "old" is your JOSM (.OSM) file? I try to associate each of my uploads with a "fresh" .OSM file. I do this by having "workspace" .OSM files and then "upload" .OSM files. The upload file is created by going to the area to be edited, opening a new layer, downloading the current objects in that area, and then cutting and pasting new objects from my workspace file(s) into the "upload" file. Once the upload is complete, I close that upload file. So in most cases, each upload is associated with a "fresh" file. I don't know if this is necessary, but i have found I have far fewer problems with JOSM by doing this.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) 6 days ago

I remember seeing problems like this before, sporadically. Currently I am having no such problem, however. I think it must have to do with issues with how JOSM is configured on your machine, or (perhaps?) with problems with your ISP.

I just now uploaded 902 objects in about 20 seconds. Admittedly, South Korean internet speeds are sometimes spectacular - but that went all the way to Europe, of course.

JOSM/Merkaartor: auto split ways every X nodes 10 days ago

Absolutely you don't need that many nodes. The very first thing I do with any new line I draw is "simplify" (Shift-Y) (and certainly if I was procedurally drawing fractalized lines I'd do the same). No verisimilitude lost...

For performance issues in JOSM, what I've been doing more and more is splitting my work into different layers, and only working on a few individual layers at a time. So, for example, my contour work in JOSM (which is not uploaded and is quite detailed - eventually it will be converted to the background for the TOPO layer tiles), I split my work into at a minimum "degree squares" and even sub-parts of degree squares. I do the same with hydrology (lakes and shorelines) when they're in draft form (these get periodically uploaded). I have 6 degree squares in Makaska (which overall is only less than 7000 sq km), so I jump between a total of 12 files when working on contours and hydrology. Then I also keep separate layers for place nodes and not-yet-uploaded boundaries, a layer for eventual railroads, a layer for eventual highways, a layer for landcovers, etc. This keeps JOSM from bogging down, and it keeps me organized.

Why is this happening? 17 days ago

The OSM algorithms that place highway shields are not perfect. Sometimes they try to place a shield on the edge of a tile, and you get this kind of result. You can try spliting the highway way into two separate end-to-end ways near where you see the glitch occuring - this will force the algorithm to recalculate and hopefully it will try place the shield at a different spot.

What do you think of Norchester? 21 days ago

Rather than comment, I'll simply provide this link.

Random Names 3 months ago

@TCC I revealed my ignorance, in my effort to include Japanese (Tokyo / Kyoto). I should have verified before spouting off about it (or better yet not mentioned it). But my error hardly invalidates the point I was trying to make.

Random Names 3 months ago

@stjur My point is that when I started (when I was a newbie!) I was the same. People complained to me, what's with your names? And so what I'm doing is suggesting that there is a way to solve this problem, even if you want to keep your names.

Random Names 3 months ago

I agree with @Yuanls above. There are weird and strange a difficult-to-imagine-why names in the real world. And as @Sarepava points out, too, names aren't the same in each language. In fact, if you look at those other languages, it gets worse: did you know that in Korean, Seoul means, get this... "Capital City." Talk about a lack of imagination! Further, Tokyo means "Eastern Capital" and (haha, really) Kyoto ALSO means "Eastern Capital" and Beijing means "Northern Capital" and Nanjing means "Southern Capital" and Shanghai means "Seaside". Talk about a lack of imagination... who designed these countries, a 5 year old? So you get the point.

Users should be free to name things whatever they want. The key is to then INVENT AN INTERESTING ETYMOLOGY, to justify it. Ardisphere, frankly, is a kind of implausible and even "dumb" name - I'll admit so myself. But I'm deeply attached to it, because I've ALWAYS had an imaginary country named Ardisphere, since I was 11 years old. So I set about making some kind of etymology that could justify it. Hence the story about the misunderstood natives saying "Don't come here" in their own language, and being completely misunderstood. And I play with it, too. Ardisphere's name doensn't stay the same across languages. In Gohangukian (Korean), it's called 화국 /hwaguk/, a semi-calque via Sinian (Chinese characters, i.e. 火國, namely, "fire country") of the misunderstood Castellanese name. Etc.

As another example, I have a place called Playa Americana, and you might be thinking, "Hey, no fair, there's a rule against real-world names!". But the name predates OGF, and, again, I'm attached to it. So I got slick, and invented an "in-world" etymology to justify it. Specifically, in fact "Américo" is a common given name in Castellanese (Spanish, and also Italian - that's where Earth's "America" COMES from: good ol' Amerigo Vespucci, right?). So I set up this Ardispherian national hero, Américo Valdivia, and explain that Playa Americana is named after HIM. That's NOT a real world name, now, it's an in-world name. Get how that works?

The verisimilitude rule is rule which exists primarily to be bent with our imaginations.

Hey! 4 months ago

There are many racetracks. Look around:

I have about a dozen. Most are in unfinished areas, but here are two: * *

Baby you can drive my karst 5 months ago

The short answer: you need to do Topo.

See here:

I have done some karst formations inspired by similar topography, near Oscuridad in Ardisphere, here:

Topo of course is not easy. But the longer I do geofiction, the more I feel there are no shortcuts. That's why everything takes me so much time.

Here is one method to do Topo.

Some other mappers are developing other approaches which may prove more efficient or scalable (notably Paxtar).

Building my City On Youtube? 6 months ago

I'm going to actually push back on those who criticize the "copy / paste" mode, and the references to copying from a real world map.

Obviously, OGF is not for copying recognizable chunks of real-world geography. And certainly, I really dislike those who think it's creative to cut-and-paste from OSM directly (we have mappers who have done that, and that creates problems not just in terms of creativity but also legal problems).

But I think there's a place for a method that I think of as "trace and transform." I have taught myself a lot of mapping skills by doing that. Nothing that I have made is a direct copy of real world geography. But... during a certain phase of learning to use the OGF tools more effectively, I would often trace things from real-world maps, which I then chopped up and rearranged, collage-like. It can be a great learning process. Some of those "collages" are further altered or deleted, now (as when I deleted my capital in Ardisphere, recently).

But in principle, there's nothing wrong with what @CartographerKing is doing here. It's a learning process, and how can you become comfortable with trying to produce realistic, real-world-style mapping except by taking small steps, like this? I have certainly done my share of copy/pasting identical buildings. I try to clean things up later, introducing irregularities, rearranging things, etc. Anyway, I think Tárrases doesn't look too bad, after all is said and done.

As criticism, I could question the usefulness of putting it in a video online, and I definitely agree with @TheHolyEpicpenguin that we need users posting about OGF to the wider world to be much more clear about explain what OGF is (and is NOT, i.e., it's not for gamers).

Trouble with an OSM file 6 months ago

Long ago, I gave up saving .OSM files for more than a single online editing session. Every frustrating or annoying or mysterious problem I have had with JOSM has been due to trying to save and re-edit saved sessions and .OSM files.

Every time I want to upload a changeset, I start with a clean downloaded dataset. I download where I want to work, and save a .OSM file and I call this a working file. I do my editing and then I "throw it away" after I've uploaded the changeset (or changesets, for a longer/larger editing session).

I don't know if that is the cause of your problem, but I'm guessing.

As @eklas said, JOSM also behaves strangely when you have large datasets. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but for the most part I try to keep my datasets under 100000 objects.

It is very annoying when these things occur. In my first year with JOSM, I lost many hours of map work because of strange problems, because I kept trying to save and reopen the same .OSM files over multiple days. Even diligently trying to use the "Update" functions, it doesn't seem very reliable or complete. Conflicts and strange errors can occur. So I have found it's just easier to pretend JOSM can't "remember" between editing sessions - in essence, I use it as if it were online, even though it's offline.

So how is it possible to do brainstorming and long-term planning? Layers! Layers! Layers. I have as many as 10 layers in an active session. 9 of those are "never for upload" - they're essentially scratchpads where I work out ideas and brainstorm and keep various objects-in-progress (rivers, contours, streets, whatever). Then I have one layer which is my current "working file" which is a fresh downloaded snapshot of where I want to put my work. I do copy-pastes from my scratchpads to my working file, and upload that.

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that 6 months ago

Welcome to OGF.

Try reading the About page:

or FAQ:

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 6 months ago

@dono87 & @Leowezy ... I used to live within walking distance of one of two of South Korea's main nuclear facilities. You go over the hill, and there is, one of the largest in the world, in terms of generating capacity, apparently. And it's sitting on landfill, at the sea, a smallish fishing and farming town. You could swear you could almost see China in the hazy distance sometimes, across the Yellow Sea. It seemed quite oddly placed - almost as if the South Koreans had thought: "let's put it somewhere such that if it blows, the Chinese mostly have to deal with it."

I decided to record the work I've done on Tárrases' electric grid to a page in my Sandbox. I actually have done quite a bit - to the point that I consider it more than 50% complete. Here:

New stats: Ideas 7 months ago

Right now, we actually need FEWER lists, not more. What we need is for people with technical skill to work out ways to create consolidated ways to store this data and present it in the wiki in a unified way.

If I had more time and slightly different priorities, I'd probably go around systematically REMOVING my countries from the existing lists. Just making a bunch of lists is not scalable, and as others have pointed out, will lead to frustration for everyone, as countries change, users join and users leave.

Is there an OGF equivalent of Greek Life? 7 months ago

You know, bear in mind that what's called "Greek Life" in the US has almost ZERO to do with Greek culture or even Greek language (except for those letters). So it could just be called something like "Fraternal / Sororal Organizations" and dispense with the word "Greek." Then it's fully generic and you can develop it in any way you want. And there are Fraternal organizations that don't have Greek letters, even in the US - e.g. "Farmhouse International" or "Triangle." So just come up with some interesting or thematic naming scheme and go for it.

CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya 7 months ago

Thank you @wangi. User has been blocked. Next violation -> permanent ban.